Local Area

Lady Bay

Simkins Farm

Following the sale of Simkins Farm to developers, FIELDS have been watching the planning applications for this historic grade II listed building.

Following the lovely restoration of the original building further development of the site was proposed. During the year there were several applications made, but none have been successful, we hope in some way due to the opposition made by the community.

FIELDS are aware that a further planning application has just been made to convert the existing barns into 5 dwellings.

Please keep your eye out for the public notices regarding this application and please make sure you consider if this is an appropriate development to retain the setting of our beautiful farmhouse.

Greenacres Park

A semi-rural idyll where all residents are permanent and have chosen to spend rest of their lives

"We are known as the "Park Homes" Park, a permanent mobile home park. We have been referred to as a "caravan" park, but this has connotations of temporary occupation and lack of contribution to the purse of the local council."



Bassingfield residents oppose the Gamston stadium and housing development. Rushcliffe Green Fields website.