Lady Bay - West Bridgford


If you need something just ask!

WANTED – Wanted either to buy or borrow over the Christmas / New Year period, a child's safety fireguard - please email



WANTED - have you any easy-reading fiction books you want to get rid of? If so, would you let me have them for a bookstall I am running down at Holme Pierrepont Hall on Saturday 2nd April as part of the St Edmund's Church Annual Coffee Morning?

If so please let me know so that arrangements can be made either to collect them from you or to leave them with me. You can contact me (Pat Grainger) on 0115 9816597 anytime (leave message if necessary).



CDs /DVDs wanted !

Ever wondered which bin is the correct one in which to jettison your defunct /unwanted/scratched/no longer viable CDs/DVDs ?

None of them - don't do it !

Instead, post them through the letterbox of 197 Trent Boulevard from where they will be converted into light-reflecting "windows" to brighten up my shaded yard and garden.

Any colour, any quantity will be gratefully received ; I'm looking for about 500 in all...


Wanted – beermats. Did you collect a few when a student or on holiday or just have a boxful lying around unloved and unwanted. I collect them and exchange with other like-minded collectors around the world.

Put them to good use and clear some space. Perhaps you want to exchange mats because you are already a collector yourself. Email me at



Lady Bay Summer Festivale beermats sought

A collector is trying to get hold of any of the special beermats produced for the special Castle Rock Festivale earlier this year, either gratis or to buy. Any surplus ones will go to fellow collectors. If anyone can help, please email Peter.



Floppy disks wanted

Do you have drawers full of sad little floppy discs , no longer in use, but just too once-precious to now consign to the dustbin ?

Rejoice ! A new life awaits them as part of an artistic installation - complete with LED lights!

Any quantity will be verygratefully received.



Tea-Chests wanted!

West Bridgford Dramatic Society are offering a good and permanent home to your unwanted Tea-Chests.

These will be primarily used in the workshop to store lengths of moulded timber, baluster spindles etc, but will also have the chance to make the occasional appearance on stage !

If you have such an item, or see such an item being thrown out , then please contact



Beekeeping advice requested

I live in Bassingfield and about to start keeping bees. As an absolute novice, I am looking for someone local to mentor me over the coming months.

If you think you can help please call Diane Kidger on 0115 981 1247.