Lady Bay - West Bridgford

19 April 2016

19 April 2016

Community Liaison Group

19 April 2016

Present: Lisa Del Buono (Framework Housing Association), Claire Windebank (Framework Housing Association), Omied Hallam (Framework Housing Association volunteer coordinator ), Mark Rodel (All Hallows Church), Fiona Boyd (Greenies and Five Aside Football), PC Robert Archer, Liz Emery (Lady Bay Arts), Angela Kerr, Amy and Andy Wallis, Venus Otar, Mohammed Sulieman, Martina Bugden, Sue Thomas, Emily Keeble, Sue Mallender (RBC Councillor), Louise Beaumont-McGaw, Maurice Enderby.

Purpose of meeting:

Claire W outlined the purpose of establishing the community liaison group:-

1. To keep local stakeholders informed on the on- going progress of the service

2. As a forum where neighbours could raise concerns about the service

3. For existing members of the community to make suggestions of how the service can involve itself in the established community and partake in events

CW explained that a smaller group of stakeholders had been invited to the meeting as they were immediate neighbours and key community leaders. The remit of future meetings is different to that of previous consultation meetings held prior to the planning decision.

Complaints about the service following any incident should be made directly to the service at the time of the incident or as soon as appropriate, numbers will be circulated. There will be one manager and two assistant managers on site and will be introduced to the local community shortly.

Update on service so far:

Lisa DB read the grounds on which planning permission was granted. The works needing to be completed initially are:-

1. A meeting to look at the existing building plans needs to be had with Adam Jacobs and Claire W to identify what rooms will be used for what and to inform building works

2. BT line has been installed (for phones)

3. Our CCTV and fire safety contractor has visited the site and is preparing a specification for the necessary cameras, monitoring, detectors and alarms

4. An asbestos survey has been completed

5. A contractor is on standby to start works during May once the work has been agreed with architects

6. The works should be completed at the end of June/early July

Emily raised queries about the support that will be provided for young people and what they will be told before moving in. Claire W suggested to meet separately so that the service can be discussed in more detail. The length of stay and the turnover of young people was also raised as a concern. CW


- the length of stay would be dependent on individual young people and how well developed their life skills are.

Angela raised concerns about what the parking area would look like, Claire W confirmed that no plans had been finalised but that she believed all partitioning fences between 67, 69 and 71 would be taken down, CW suggested that Angela/Claire meet separately.

Sue had raised the issue of whether the paint on the front of the buildings could be removed so the service does not stand out so much. CW said that she had explored this with the FHA property and development head and it might prove costly, a change of colour maybe less expensive. Signage at the front of the building will be discreet. Cameras will be small and positioned on the entrances of the service.

Louise raised the issue of the use of the building when the lifetime of the young people’s contract had passed. Lisa DB confirmed that a new planning application would have to be submitted for change of use if FHA wanted to use it to accommodate anybody other than young people.

Maurice wanted to know about police engagement, PC Rob Archer said that they would have a visible presence at the service and would call in informally.

Mr Sulieman was concerned that FHA were expecting a lot from the local community and that he was forced to be involved. CW explained that attendance at the meetings was voluntary, Mr Sulieman asserted that he did not want the service located on Trent Boulevard.

Omied explained that anybody from the local community who wished to volunteer should make contact with him and he would be able to induct people and ensure that their skills were utilised in the service.

Terms of Reference:

The group agreed that the name of the group would be ‘Community Liaison Group’

Future agendas would be split into 3 sections:- Community Engagement, Community Issues

and Progress Of The Service

All Hallows Church Lounge would be used as a venue

Future meetings should take place on a Wednesday evening 7-9pm

Minutes from previous meetings will be circulated prior to the next meeting.

Date of next meeting 25/5/16 7-9pm All Hallows Church Hall (Lounge)