Lady Bay - West Bridgford

25 May 2016

25 May 2016

Present: Claire Windebank (CW), Mark Lambert (ML) , Emily Baguley (EB), Sara Bull (SB), Sue Mallender (SM), Liz Emery(LE), Robin Archer(RA), Rebecca Morgan Jones(RMJ), Merilyn and Morris Enderby(ME), Angela Kerr(AK), Venus Otar(VO), Sue Thomas(ST), Andy Wallace(AW), Yvonne, Gemma .

Agenda – agreed last minutes – all agreed.

Community Engagement - Framework (FHA) had an informal presence at the Lady Bay Arts Festival. SB to send an email to LE.

Framework are hoping to get involved in The Open Gardens Event. Although the work has been delayed FHA would like to get involved by being there doing some planting so it is looking nicer. SM welcomed this .

CW asked if there were any Community Activfities FHA could get involved in. SM suggested:

Summer Festival at The Poppy and Pint.

Childrens Story Telling Event on 09/10/16

Street Party – The Lady Bay Pub – 12/06/16. 1.00 onwards.

Working party for FROTH first Sunday of the month 2-4.

Litter Picking - different groups take on different areas – perhaps FHA could take one on.

Different groups are responsible for the community planters – contact Susan Tiplady for further info.

There is a Friends of Bridgeford Working Party on 29/05/16 2-4

Yvonne suggested that there is Film Show at the Church – Sept – Mar. People could volunteer to help with that.

Fiona Boyd has offered to introduce FHA to key members of the community.

LE would like to meet young people and get a feel of what the space is like. – could an art activity take place use the service as a venue? CW said this could be considered.

LE said that volunteers were needed for next year’s Arts Festival.

LE would like an invite to the service to see it up and running.

Update on service

CW gave an update on the service.

Painting and decorating has started at the service with building work to commence 31/05/16. Unfortunately the completion date has been delayed to the end of July 2016.

CW asked for questions/worries:

ME – will the contractors be working weekends? We would prefer them not to . – CW to check .

SM – Are there going to be bike sheds? – CW to check with the development team around this.

CW – asked which colours the community would like the external brickwork to be? All chose a colour . CW to pass on.

What are Emergency Spaces? CW explained these are for young people needing a temporary reprieve from their home lives.

ME- Are they taking ending of the drive up? – No

CW- We will install some wood panelling around bins so not so unsightly.

SMJ – Is there going to be a gate between Mr Sulemans property and ours? CW to check this with the development team. There may be some specific arrangements around fire exits etc

SM – Signage – what will the signs look like/ FHA have made a commitment to not having a big sign.

VO – Fire drills – where will the fire safety points be? This needs to be discussed – perhaps in the pub. The Health and Safety Office r will deal with this.

Gemma – Could the fire safety point be in the church? This was thought to be a bit far perhaps but it could be considered. CW will clarify assembly points.

AW- What if the fire alarms go off ? They will be silenced quickly – staff are on site 24/7 365 days per year.

AK – Happy with the work being done to fence and car park at rear.

VO- When will the external cameras go in ? CW said the cameras will probably be last to go in.

RMJ – What about the frosting of the windows – is this still part of the plan? CW confirmed that yes it was, there will be a portion of the windows that are frosted. . There will also be blinds on windows.

VO – Will there be any comeback on neighbours who complain? CW said “no”. Complaints are kept general and won’t identify specific neighbours.

RMJ- What about what my children may hear from the car park? Bad language and music occasionally -please let us know. We will deal with any problems. Please come and speak to us, phone us, email us and we can get things resolved.

VO– Will gangs come to the service – No. There is no evidence to suggest this is a common occurrence. Gangs are far more likely to go to places where the police won’t be called – like people’s homes, not to staffed services. Gang related issues is not really associated with homelessness. More to do with family homes and post codes.

VO – How long will people live there? This will depend on their abilities and life situation.

Next meeting 29/06/16 7.15- 8.15 @ All Hallows Church. Yvonne offered to book the room.