Lady Bay - West Bridgford

27 July 2016

27 July 2016

Lady Bay Community Meeting


Present: Mos Enderby, Mel Enderby, Richard Mallender, Angela Kerr, PC Rob Archer, Nick, Venus, Claire Windebank, Sara Bull, Billy, Rohan, Cameron.

Cameron was introduced to the group and spoke about his experiences of homelessness and FHA .

Discussion about DWP systems and the experiences Service Users often have at places like Housing Aid.

Claire apologised for the issues with the alarms and assured all that these would be resolved . APS due out to look at what the problem may be. Claire thanked all for their understanding and patience with this issue.

Rohan talked about her experience of homelessness and FHA and shared her celebration of moving into her independent tenancy today.

Claire confirmed that office numbers would be distributed to all neighbours so they could contact the office if needed.

All agreed on new meeting date 07/09/16 to be held at church.