Lady Bay - West Bridgford

29 June 2016

29 June 2016

Lady Bay community meeting



Present : Mark (vicar), Mark Lambert, Sara Bull , Mos Enderby, Mel Enderby, Venus Otar, Rebecca Dalgarno, PCSO Sampson, PCSO Barker, Angela Kerr, Martina Bugden, Sue Thomas, Yvonne , Gemma

Previous minutes agreed.


Framework are planning to have a presence at The Open Gardens Event – staff will be there planting and drinks and cakes will be available.

Fiona Boyd will be doing a walkabout session on 07/07/16 for Mark, Sara and Emily to meet key members of the Lady Bay Community.

Work has now commenced on the building. Feedback from the group :

Parking has been very difficult because of vans. SB and ML said they would ask for more consideration.

There have been skips on the road and this has caused problems for buses.

Some work was completed on a Saturday and was started at 07.35. This was on 26./06/16.

A person was seen on RD’s shed roof. RD expressed concern that this may not be seen and would have liked to have been asked before this happened.

RD feedback that the fence between 65/67 looks temporary, has a fair sized gap at bottom and is too far to the side of 67. Could this be resolved please?

The front wall of 69 has been knocked/taken down – is this intentional?

Is there going to be bike shed? No not a shed but there will be a place to lock up bikes. It has been confirmed that this will be to the rear of the property.

When will the building be painted ? TBC

Is there still going to be a smoking shelter – yes. Postion to be confirmed.

A conversation around the community getting backgrounds/histories of young [people took place. This included ethics, confidentiality and was decided this wouldn’t be something that could be considered. The group asked for case studies/success stories and ex service users coming to the next meeting. SB and ML said this could be arranged.

There is going to be an open day before Service Users move in – the local community will be invited. The next meeting could be in the evening of the open day, giving neighbours who work the opportunity to look around. Case studies could be provided at the open day.

Neighbours would like a list of local contacts eg duty manager, PCSO’s, numbers for the service etc. This will be provided.

Next meeting 27/07/16 @ 7.15 at 67 Trent Boulevard.