Lady Bay - West Bridgford

17 October 2012

Public meeting and AGM

Lady Bay Community Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 17 October 2012 at All Hallows Church Hall


46 including Councillors Richard & Sue Mallender

Maureen Mitchell, committee member LBCA; Nick Ebbs & Julian Marsh, speakers


The Chairman welcomed all present & introduced David Lyneham-Brown & Tony Pitman from the Grantham Canal Society & Amanda Morgan Volunteer Leader from the Canal & River Trust (CRT).


Grantham Canal – Past, Present & Future
David gave a presentation with photographs & pictures. The Grantham Canal passes through three counties - Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Lincolnshire. It is 200 years old and 33 miles long. It runs from Grantham to the River Trent via the Vale of Belvoir. It was built in the 1790s to transport coal & agricultural products. Its depth at Woolsthorpe is about 5’3” but in some places it is only a few inches deep. The canal is “remaindered” & is owned by the CRT except for its two ends. The Grantham canal is one of the most bio-diverse canals in the UK. Near Cotgrave the canal has reeds and many water birds. More than 40 bridges over the canal have been demolished and other roads built over the canal with the water in a culvert beneath the roads; locks are derelict. Trees have fallen in and there are logs and excess vegetation in the water. Restoration has been taking place since 1990. Some sections are working and have boats on them including the society’s working boat. The society runs boat trips on their 12-person boat from Woolsthorpe to the A1. About eight miles have been restored to form the Grantham Canal Linear Leisure Park. Water flow will improve with increased navigation.

The society’s projects include:

• Restoration of the Grantham Basin, a 40-acre brown field site about half a mile from Grantham town centre along with regeneration of the region around the basin

• Trent Link between the canal & the river Trent near Holme Pierrepont with a “green link” to Cotgrave. A public/private partnership is to be set up to carry out this project which will create 28 linear miles of water-facing shoreline

• Restoration of old track-way from the canal to Belvoir Castle

• The restoration of Stenwith Locks

• Refurbishment of the Mudlark dredger and an auxiliary boat

• Planting meadowlands

• Clearing the dry section

• Refurbishment of Woolsthorpe depot

• Hoping to persuade English Heritage to take over lock 13 lock keeper’s cottage, built in 1794 and part of the Duke of Rutland’s estate

The Grantham Canal Rangers are a group of the society’s volunteers who look after the length of the canal & encourage local communities to be involved.

The society would like to see a diversity of uses with an upgraded towpath. No motorbikes or any vehicles using the canal surface when it is frozen however!

The silt from the canal is non-toxic so can be spread on adjoining fields.

A festival was held in 2007 at the Grantham end to raise the profile of the society & raise funds. The society has made a bid for a grant for training of volunteers and restoration of the canal. “The Romantic Canal” book & other items including a set of beer mats designed by a local artist are for sale to raise funds for the society & are available at the display near the entrance to the hall this evening. Please have a look at the display. The society’s website address is:

Questions & comments

The Chairman asked whether there was any interest and/or funding for the society’s work from Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) or the County Council.

There is interest but no money. A bid for £800,000 has been made to the Heritage Lottery Fund. The canal passes through three counties and six boroughs/districts.

A resident asked whether the Trent link or the restoration of the Grantham basin was the most important major project.

Probably the basin as that would increase the likelihood of the Trent link.

Amanda Morgan of the CRT stated that CRT used to be British Waterways. It is now a charity ( Amanda explained that there are many volunteering opportunities working with CRT & the Grantham Canal Society. If anyone is interested see Amanda, David or Tony or leave your name on the list at the display or with the LBCA Secretary.

Questions & comments

The Secretary asked about the section of the canal supposedly cared for by the Environment Agency near the Trent – it is in a very bad state.

David suggested that this section could be used as chevron moorings for boats. Unfortunately this section could never be used as part of the canal as back in 1998 reinstatement of the canal along its original line was estimated to cost £12,500,000.

The Chairman thanked David and Amanda and introduced Sam Hudson, chair of FrOTH.


FrOTH Report
Nothing to add to the report in the newsletter. Volunteers wanted at the monthly working parties on the 1st Sunday of the month from 2-4 pm meeting at the small car park near Holme Grove. See the website:

There were no questions or comments.

The Chairman thanked Sam and introduced Sian Trafford of Lady Bay Litter Pickers.


Lady Bay Litter Pickers
There is a report on p20 of the newsletter. The most recent “pick” was on the bunker area at the junction of Lady Bay Road and Rutland Road. The next is on Sunday 28 October at 10:00, meet outside the Lady Bay Pub. There may be a “pick” in November – look at the Litter Action website for information.

Questions & comments

A resident stated that she was unable to help at weekends. Would it be a good idea for people to keep sections of road & pavement or part of the Hook litter free when they are passing through?

Yes, this would be a good idea. Ideas could be suggested via the Lady Bay website as there is a Litter Pickers page

The Chairman thanked Sian.

There was no FIELDS report.

The Chairman introduced Richard Mallender.


Neighbourhood Watch Report
Richard has just attended the Local Area Group (LAG) meeting earlier this evening – this is a meeting between local police and people, in this case for the Lady Bay and Abbey wards. All welcome. Please let Richard know if you would like to help with Neighbourhood Watch in a road or section of road. Lady Bay is a low crime area. Theft from cars is the most common crime and can be prevented by taking measures such as removing sat navs. There has been a spate of thefts of cars parked in the rugby club car park with 10 stolen.

There were no questions or comments.


Treasurer’s Report
Copies of the accounts were distributed. Please note that the Community Fund has a separate budget line. FIELDS and Lady Bay Arts Festival are to pay their share of the public liability insurance. FIELDS has £14,000 kept in case it is necessary to engage a lawyer etc to counter a threat to the land east of Lady Bay.

There were no questions or comments.

The accounts were proposed by Alan Bell, seconded by Sylvia Wilkins and accepted.

The chairman thanked Richard.


Committee Elections
There are two directly elected posts:

Secretary: Sue Mallender

Treasurer: Richard Mallender has been Treasurer for five years and would like to step down; James Strawbridge has volunteered to take on the role.

Representatives from affiliated groups:

FIELDS: Claire Kay
Lady Bay Arts Festival:
Brenda Baxter/Jean Guest
Lady Bay Litter Pickers:
Sian Trafford
Lady Bay Planters:
Fiona Boyd/Rebecca Archibald

Committee members nominated in advance:

Angie Dickenson
John Finney
Lawrence Geary
Peter Hammond
Richard Mallender
Ike Malik
Maureen Mitchell
Sarjit Singh
Alan Tiplady
Sylvia Wilkins

All the above were elected unanimously.

Three more may be co-opted – please contact the Chairman or Secretary if you are interested.

The chairman introduced Reverend Mark Rodel, new vicar for All Hallows’ Church, Lady Bay with St. Edmund’s, Holme Pierrepont & Adbolton.


Reverend Mark Rodel
Mark has come from Portsmouth. He and his wife and three children are moving to Lady Bay vicarage on Holme Rd in early 2013 when building work on the house has been finished. The former incumbent, Robert Breckles, was a full-time Rector; Mark will spend half his time here and half teaching at St John’s College. He will be in Lady Bay on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays in the day & the evening. Mark’s licensing service took place on Thursday 13 Sept partly in the Lady Bay pub. Mark is also a Pioneer Minister who will focus on non-church goers. He is interested in art and is a graduate of Winchester School of Art.

There were no questions or comments.

The Chairman thanked Mark & introduced Richard Mallender.


Ward Boundary Changes RBC
The boundary commission has suggested new boundaries for West Bridgford. The proposal is to alter the boundary of Lady Bay ward by incorporating the Adbolton end of Trent Boulevard, the east side of Adbolton Grove and Moore Close in the ward. Greenacres and Adbolton Lane would be in Gamston North ward. If anyone wishes to comment or make suggestions these need to be sent to the Boundary Commission by Sunday 12 November 2012.


Community Energy in Lady Bay
As Nick and Julian were unable to attend Richard gave the presentation they prepared. The Meadows Ozone Energy Services (MOZES) has been set up in the Meadows area to combat two problems:

• To reduce energy costs to residents as energy prices have been going up by 9-16% per year, an average rise of £160 per year in 2011.

• To reduce the amount of energy used and therefore help stop climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

MOZES is an Energy Services Company (ESCO). An ESCO is a long-term arrangement with an energy sector partner to supply low cost “green” energy as well as reducing waste and encouraging re-use and recycling. It also has an educational remit with the installation of smart metering helping people to control their energy consumption.

MOZES was set up in 2009 with the help of the Meadows Partnership Trust; it is a social enterprise with the Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP). There is an energy advisor programme and interest-free green loans are available. Funding bids have been made to the Big Green Challenge Competition and to the Low Carbon Communities Challenge; the latter resulted in £615,000 for solar technology with the Meadows becoming one of 12 nationally recognised low carbon communities. 55 solar photo voltaic installations have been set up. The Feed in Tariff (FIT) creates community endowment as people are given solar panels and receive reduced energy bills as they can use the generated electricity in their homes. The FIT money goes to the community - £20,000 so far. The eco-houses on Green Street in the Meadows have regular open days – information is on the website The Meadows has an electric community car for which there is a charging point. There is no charge for Meadows residents to join MOZES. The Meadows partnership trust benefits as it earns a fee for the work done. Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City Homes have reps on the board of MOZES which has an elected board with co-opted members.

Lady Bay has a large carbon footprint as most of the houses are Victorian or Edwardian with solid walls. An ESCO could be set up here with co-operation with energy companies. Power companies are supposed to be installing smart meters but if you want to find out about your energy use smart meters can be borrowed from West Bridgford library. A working group could be set up to look at the feasibility of an ESCO for Lady Bay. Please see Richard if you are interested.

Questions & comments

Will there be help from NEP?


Could the county council’s energy team help?

Yes, also Sheila Hood from Rushcliffe Borough Council.

The chairman thanked Richard.


Any Other Business

Meeting closed 21:25.