Lady Bay - West Bridgford

18 May 2011

Spring public meeting

Lady Bay Community Association

Minutes of Spring public meeting held on Wednesday 18 May 2011 at All Hallows' Church Hall


36 including Councillors Richard & Sue Mallender.


County Councillor Barrie Cooper.


The Chairman welcomed all present and introduced Pat Grainger.


Jazz in June
Pat informed all present that on Friday 17 June there is to be a jazz conduct featuring ‘Midland Jazz Connection’. This is to raise funds for a bench to be placed on the Hook as a memorial to Miche Broad, a founder member of Friends of the Hook, who died of motor neurone disease (MND) last year. Any remaining profit will be given to a charity researching into MND. Tickets are £10 including strawberries & cream. Derbyshire Building Society is providing prizes for a raffle. Please see Sylvia Wilkins after the meeting if you would like tickets.

The chairman thanked Pat and introduced Neil Brown from the University of Nottingham.


Project for Research Student
Neil explained that he runs a scheme where a PhD or post-graduate student carries out research for a voluntary sector group. Possible projects could be looking at the problem of the many empty premises in Lady Bay or doing a feasibility study into the possibility of setting up a GP’s surgery or branch surgery in the area. Has anyone any ideas for other projects? Neil explained that the scheme costs £310. The Chairman informed the meeting that LBCA does have the funds to pay. Neil suggested that the final report could be presented to a body such as the borough or county council as evidence to obtain a service or change facilities for the better.

Questions & comments

The Chairman suggested looking at the provision of the L2 Local Link bus, subsidised by the County Council; at the moment the service is free but it is rumoured that a charge will be made in future.

Robbie Rob informed us that many people used the L2 bus to take bottles & jars to the bottle bank.

Angela Dickenson stated that many people go to & from GP surgeries in West Bridgford on the L2; she also informed us that there is likely to be a merger of five or more GP surgeries in W. Bridgford into a new-build health centre. The Secretary suggested that a branch/satellite surgery would be a more likely possibility than a surgery fully operating in Lady Bay.

A vote was taken and it was agreed that the LBCA Committee look into taking on a student.

The Chairman thanked Neil & introduced Sam Hudson, the new Chair of Friends of the Hook (FrOTH).


FrOTH Report
FrOTH is a voluntary group working with Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC), the owners of the site, and the Notts Wildlife Trust to care for the Hook Local Nature Reserve. FrOTH needs new committee members and new working party members. Please see Sam at the end of the meeting if you would like to join the committee. Everyone of any age is welcome on the working parties and members do not have to stay for the full two hours. Please just turn up to help. Over autumn and winter, four low shrub beds of hawthorn and blackthorn have been cleared as well as brambles which were choking trees and growing over footpaths. Patches of brambles, blackthorn and hawthorn have been left for blackberry and sloe picking, and nesting and feeding sites for birds. Near the river bank the group have removed about 40 self-set poplars on the advice of the Notts Wildlife Trust. The mature poplars are not under threat. Native black poplars have been planted between the mature poplars in the hope that they will replace them when the mature trees reach the end of their lives. Unfortunately the black poplars have not survived. We will keep trying. After consultation with residents in Lady Bay, the group have been removing Himalayan balsam by hand rather than spraying with weed killer as the management plan originally suggested. Himalayan balsam is a non-native, prolific, tall growing annual plant that shades out and prevents the growth of other plants, when it dies back in winter the soil is left bare which causes erosion of the river bank as the plant favours damp conditions.

Questions & comments

 Alan Booth asked why it was necessary to remove the self-set poplars from the river bank as some of these trees were 20-30 feet high.

 As laid out in the management plan the Environment Agency (EA) and RBC want all the poplars except for the mature ones to be removed. The FrOTH volunteers left the mature oaks and willow growing on the bank. The FrOTH volunteers will feedback people’s concerns to the EA and RBC.

 Alan also informed people that the angling club remove river bank trees for their annual charity fishing match.

James drew people’s attention to the fact that the FrOTH AGM took place last week on Wednesday 11 May, it isn’t next week on the 22 May as is stated in the LBCA newsletter.

The Chairman thanked Sam and introduced Fiona Boyd of the planters group.


Lady Bay Planters Group Report
It has been three years since the group was set up. Many of the adoptions have been very successful, some still need adopters. Please see Fiona at the end of the meeting if you would like to adopt a planter.

A few years ago money was given by the RBC councillors for compost to be given to the adopters. This will be distributed soon in the form of a list of adopters which will be given to Cookson’s and people can sign for their allocation when they collect it. Repairs are needed to the planters on the corner of Trent Boulevard and Mona Road and Gertrude Road. Fiona and the RBC councillors will contact County Councillor Barrie Cooper re this problem.

Questions & comments

A planters’ adoption group has now been set up in another part of West Bridgford.

Garden refuse has been dumped on a planter. This may become a more common problem in future with the charge for the green bins.

The Chairman said that there is a suggestion in the LBCA newsletter that residents join with two or three neighbours and share the cost of one or two (the second is £10/year) bins between them.

Many streets in Lady Bay have clearly not been cleaned for a very long time.

We will contact RBC’s “Streetwise”. They are now reactive rather than proactive.

Robert Parker asked that a copy of the rota for street cleaning be obtained by LBCA.

The chairman and secretary will ask RBC for this.

The Chairman thanked Fiona and introduced Ellie from FIELDS.


Ellie informed people that it is Lady Bay Open Gardens this weekend, 21/22 May, 12-6. This year the refreshments will be provided at the Scout Hut on Mona Road. The gardens trail starting point is 164, Trent Boulevard, though you can start at any garden. As FIELDS has sufficient funds at the moment, a Community Fund may be set up so that groups and individuals in Lady Bay may apply for money for projects in the area. Volunteers are needed to be on the committee that will decide which projects will benefit.

There were no questions or comments.

The Chairman thanked Ellie and gave a report on the former Skylarks holiday home for disabled people.


The owners, Vitalise, closed the premises down last year. Lorraine from the West Bridgford Equestrian Centre says that the site has been bought by Optima Care that provides rehabilitation for people with a variety of needs, eg mental health disorders, learning difficulties, former offenders aged over 50. Does anyone have any information? The Chairman has suggested to Lorraine that she has a look at other existing Optima Care homes.

Fiona has heard that Nottingham City Council’s Learning Disabilities Team may be moving to the building.


There are some travellers currently on the land east of Lady Bay. The County Council own the land and are working with the police to move them on.


The Chairman introduced Malcolm Todd of Lady Bay Litter Pickers.


Lady Bay Litter Pickers
Litter picking has started again this year & the last ‘pick’ was on Sunday 8 May at 14:00; the next is on Saturday 4 June at 10:00 meeting at Lady Bay Primary School.

The Chairman thanked Malcolm and introduced Richard Mallender to give a report on Neighbourhood Watch.


Neighbourhood Watch Report
Richard explained that he does not run Neighbourhood Watch, he is a road co-ordinator for part of Trent Boulevard, and more road co-ordinators are needed. Richard informed people that there is a West Bridgford Neighbourhood Watch meeting on Wednesday 25 May at Rushcliffe Conservative Club on Rectory Road at 19:15, all welcome.

There are signs at the entrances to Lady Bay; “Police operation in progress” these refer to ‘Operation Concentric’ which has been put in place by the police as a result of an increase in burglary and vehicle crime in Lady Bay and Trent Bridge. Police have been increasing their patrols and placing officers on Lady Bay and Trent Bridges. The operation has been effective in preventing crime & catching perpetrators.

The next Lady Bay Local Area Group meeting is on Thursday 23 June at 19:30, venue TBC. All welcome to this meeting.

The Chairman thanked Richard and introduced Maureen Mitchell.


Lady Bay website
Simon Anthony, who used to run the Lady Bay website, has now moved to London. Dan Patterson has set up a new site and Maureen is administrating it. Volunteers are needed to update pages, we already have Will Murray to do a road safety page and Don Read to do pages on music as well as crime figures. A lost & found pets’ page is another idea that has been suggested. Any other ideas or volunteers please see Maureen at the end of the meeting.


Any Other Business
Alan Booth informed those present that the LBCA bid to the County Council’s Local Improvement Scheme to obtain funds to put up a handrail on the Hook from Melbourne Road has been successful and RBC and the county should be putting this up soon. He thanked LBCA for making the bid.

The Secretary mentioned that she had reported the dog dirt bin that she has been told will not open on the Hook, near the Holme Grove entrance, to RBC.

Hazel Kerr informed us that the lid does open with a lot of effort.

The Secretary asked whether Rutland Road has been cleaned as she reported it to Streetwise some time ago.

A resident reported that it was still very dirty with a lot of debris from trees and shrubs that has in places rotted down into soil.

The Chairman introduced Peter Hammond who gave an illustrated talk on the history of Adbolton with questions and answers afterwards. Peter also stated that he will be leading another guided walk around Adbolton on Friday 23 June, meeting at 19:00 at the No 11 bus turning circle.


Meeting closed at 21.45.


The LBCA AGM & Autumn meeting will be on Wednesday 19 October at 20:00 at All Hallows’ Church Hall.