Lady Bay - West Bridgford

19 October 2011

Public meeting and AGM

Lady Bay Community Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 19 October 2011
at All Hallows Hall


88 including Councillors Barrie Cooper and Richard & Sue Mallender.


Peter Hammond, Vice Chair, LBCA, Sian Trafford, Committee member, LBCA.


The Chairman welcomed all present & introduced Dr Sean Ottey.


GP in Lady Bay

Dr Ottey introduced his partner, Dr Padmakumari Muthuswamy. He explained that they took over the W. Bridgford Medical Centre at the beginning of this year. Dr Ottey stated most strongly that he is not advertising or promoting his and his partner’s services as it is highly unprofessional to advertise in the medical market. Dr Ottey informed us that government spending on health has been frozen since ‘08. Lady Bay used to have a locally based GP. The Primary Care Trust (PCT) has produced a weighty document concerning Primary Care which states that a GP who wants to set up in an area will have to meet 19 points. There is no problem with 17 of these but the remaining two are a stumbling block. The first is geography- the nearest GP surgery is only 1-2 miles away. The second is that there are no suitable consulting rooms. There is also a ban on extra spending on buildings. However this year the Health Bill provides a possible way forward. “If a GP practises from premises provided locally and is seen to develop and offer a quality service, it would be difficult to see how the PCT would not provide support for its further development”.

Questions & comments

Alan Tiplady informed us that five GP practices in West Bridgford are likely to merge together. He asked whether the PCT had been consulted on the proposal to have a GP in Lady Bay.

Yes, the PCT has been consulted but will not support a GP in Lady Bay.

Where will the above mentioned merged practice be based? Wilford has been suggested.

The Chairman stated that there could be as many as eight GP practices moving into one health centre.

Councillor Richard Mallender asked whether a surgery could be run from a room or rooms in a residential property rather than a business.

Yes: there are strict requirements for the room but not the building. A practice could work from one or two rooms; Disability Discrimination Act compliance would be required & there would need to be a washbasin and room for a consulting couch.

Will nursing be provided?

Not initially but if more patients joined the practice then a nursing service could be provided.

The Bay Therapy Centre might be a good place to have a room as the company rents out rooms to health providers.

Robert Parker asked whether Dr Ottey would be leaving the practice he is with now.

No – prepared to offer a service to Lady Bay patients who have difficulty accessing surgeries in W. Bridgford e.g. the elderly, disabled people, parents/carers with young children & those without access to private transport. Initially this would be on one or two days a week then increase.

Will Dr Ottey will be part of the large practice mentioned earlier?

“No-one has approached me to join them. I’m not aware of any merger which currently is pure speculation”.

What sort of timescale are we looking at?

It is difficult to say. The PCT itself will be dismantled in 2013.

Sylvia Wilkins mentioned that there are many elderly residents in Lady Bay who can’t walk to the GP surgeries in West Bridgford.

If the large West Bridgford practice is to be in Wilford then there will be most Lady Bay residents and many residents from other parts of W. Bridgford coming to a practice in Lady Bay.

Alan Tiplady stated that there will be patient consultation before there is a move to one large multi-practice in West Bridgford.

A vote was taken and people were overwhelmingly in favour of a GP setting up a surgery in Lady Bay. LBCA will be working with a potential GP to find suitable premises.

The Chairman thanked Dr Ottey & introduced Sid & Eddie Coombes of Optima Care.


Optima Care

Eddie stated that Optima Care has recently bought the Skylarks site on Adbolton Lane. Optima Care is a health care provider that works with people with mental health problems & learning difficulties.  The company has properties in the north & south of England & wants to move into the midlands.  Optima Care has a contract to provide services through the procurement hub of the PCT.

Sid said that there were two areas of concern:

1.    The types of client

The service users will be mental health patients returning to the community. The facility will be promoting independence & teaching life skills, providing hope & recovery.

2.    What will become of the building?

The building will be totally refurbished; improving the inside & exterior. Some changes will be made to the internal layout. Originally the company wanted to open the facility in Nov 2011 but the opening has been delayed due to changes in health legislation.

Eddie emphasised that Optima Care want to be part of the community. The facility will provide employment opportunities & increase local trade. There will be 50-60 employees, for whom there will be a training & progression programme.

Questions & comments

Sharon Moore asked whether the facility would increase the caseloads of local health professionals in the area.

Optima Care has a contract with NHS Procurement; employees at the facility will be case holders though the company will be contacting local social care teams.

Will the patients be coming from high secure mental health units?

The patients will be coming through the East Midlands Procurement Hub. They will not be coming from secure accommodation. Simon Smith & David Gardener are the PCT reps with whom the company is negotiating.

What will be happening to the hydro pool which used to be used by parents/carers & babies/toddlers & local disability groups as well as Skylarks guests?

Eddie answered that no decision has been made as to the future of the pool.

Robert Parker asked how many patients there will be & whether the facility will be secure.

Sid stated that there will be 20-25 patients detained under the Mental Health Act, there will be open access for patients into the local community.

Will the patients will be coming from hospitals or prisons and will they be sectioned?

Eddie said that patients will be from hospitals, they will be sectioned but will be hoping to have orders removed.

What conditions might patients have?

Depression, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorders.

Is it appropriate to have the unit next to a nursery?

Sid replied that there was no reason why the facility should not be next door to a child care setting.

Will patients be accompanied when out in the community?

Sid answered that some will be accompanied and others not depending on their levels of independence. Some will be being taught new skills & will have someone with them.

Sharon Moore asked what assessment tools are to be used re the safety of patients in the community.

Sid replied that recovery staff models will be used as well as behavioural assessments. Eddie mentioned that the tools used are NHS approved.

Sharon Moore asked whether rehabilitated patents from all over the country will be moving into the community?

Sid said that the services will be for local people.

Councillor Richard Mallender asked whether any of the patients might be ex-offenders, whether any would pose a danger to the community & whether a high fence will be erected around the site.

The patients pose no danger – they are ready to move to independent life. Optima Care will provide a therapeutic community environment for those leaving hospitals. A 2 metre fence will be in place. This is for security as there have been several burglaries nearby & since acquiring the site lead has been stolen from the building.

Councillor Richard Mallender asked whether LBCA could have the names of community groups based in areas near similar existing Optima Care facilities.

Yes, this information will be passed to LBCA.

Will the patients come directly from high secure units?

No, from low secure hospitals.

John Finney wondered whether patients may come from prisons indirectly. 

Patients will not be directly from prisons though some could have been in prison, moved to secure accommodation & then come to the facility. If this is the case the crimes committed are more likely to be minor offences, not violent ones.

Robert Parker asked at what level patients would be on a scale from 1-10 if “normal” people are 1 & Rampton patients 10.

Sid replied that people in the community would be 1s, 2s & 3s & patients 4s, 5s & 6s.

James Strawbridge asked whether there were government guidelines as to what types of mental health patient can live near residential communities.

Yes, placements are the joint responsibility of the provider & the NHS within a framework agreement which takes account of a description of the local community.

Has either or both of you medical qualifications or are you purely businessmen?

Sid answered that he and Eddie own the business and employ medical professionals.

There are already facilities in Lady Bay for people with mental health problems; will this facility change the balance of the community?

Sid stated that it is difficult to determine whether the local demography will be affected.

Sylvia Wilkins pointed out that other facilities in Lady Bay are for people with learning difficulties. These people are in a state of stability whilst mental health patients may not be.

The facility will be for either mental health patients or people with learning difficulties – this hasn’t been decided as yet.

Will it be a mixed facility?

Yes, but wards will not be mixed. There will be on going risk assessments as to the viability of patients going in to the community. Patients are more likely to be a risk to themselves rather than others.

A former resident at Skylarks asked why this site has been chosen. She stated that Lady Bay was the most welcoming community she had ever visited. But the area may be too rural and not provide enough places for patients to find volunteering opportunities in local shops & businesses.

Sid stated that the company was looking for a site in West Bridgford as it is near the city with good public transport & opportunities in W. Bridgford itself.

Eddie said that patients will be from local hospitals. Optima Care wants to help people get back to normal living by supporting them on their way to recovery.

Will planning permission be required?

No: Sid stated that consent for the type of facility planned is already present whilst proposed building modifications are within the original footprint.

We all need to demystify the situation – people in this community are close-knit but should not be closed.

Sharon Moore stated that many people have both learning disabilities & mental illnesses so some patients may have complex needs.

Sid said there could be patients with both learning disabilities and mental illnesses at the facility.

What is the timescale?

Eddie explained that it depends on forthcoming changes in the structure of the NHS. The bid to the East Midlands Procurement Hub was made in 2009 & awarded in 2010. Optima Care has not been able to get a clear definition of the services the NHS needs at the facility.

How long will the company stay in the area?

The company is expecting to be here for 10+ years & will change with the times.

The manager of Holme Lodge stated that she was concerned about staff recruitment to the new unit as it may affect staff retention at Holme Lodge.

Shouldn’t be a problem; there will be employment opportunities at all levels in the new unit.

A new resident stated that she found Lady Bay very welcoming – we should make Optima Care and their new residents welcome too.

The chairman thanked Eddie & Sid and introduced County Councillor Barrie Cooper.


The Future of the Water Sports Centre

The centre is unique in the UK; providing water sports and a 270 acre country park. There is a 2000m lake, a canoe slalom & rafting course, a ski-tow, a camp site, meeting rooms & a conference centre, sports hall, fitness studio and young people’s adventure facility. The facility is owned by the County Council, which took on full responsibility in 2009. Previously the facility was leased to Sport England & managed by a private sector organisation giving £500,000/year to the county council which in turn provided a range of activities. In 2009 Sport England made a £2 million capital contribution to the Water Sports Centre. In financial year 2010/11 the Water Sports Centre made an operating loss of £300,000. The County Council is intending to retain ownership & approach interested parties to run the centre on behalf of the County Council. Capital works which are needed will be jointly financed by the council and its partner. There has been a bidders’ day where possible companies were given a briefing & the decision will be made as to the successful bidder on 12 August 2012. The bidding process will cost the council £200,000. The camp site is to be increased in size from 50-130 places with associated improvements to the toilet block etc. The conference facility is outdated & needs an upgrade.

Questions & comments 

The chairman summed up the situation by stating that, in a nutshell, no one knows what’s going to happen to the Water Sports Centre & there will be no opportunity for consulting the community.  

Will services running at the moment still continue to run?

Yes – the county wants to improve the services offered.

Malcolm Todd asked how a third party would make money from the centre if the county council retain ownership.

The intention is to increase use as the facility is underused at the moment.

Councillor Richard Mallender asked what would happen if no company comes forward: Will the county council continue to run the centre?

Yes, the county council will continue to run the centre if there are no successful bids.

Has the water sport centre ever made money?

Probably not.

The centre needs better publicity.

Yes, this is an accepted issue.

Why doesn’t the county run the centre instead of involving a third party?

There would have to be many new workers taken on which the county cannot do at the moment.

Will any new ownership affect access for dog walkers etc.?

There will be no change as to public rights of way.

The chairman mentioned that people have been prevented from walking on the public footpath during an event at the centre. He also asked how people can have some input into the decisions made.

Could there be several owners of different parts of the site?

No – one company would run the whole lot.

Robert Parker asked about the implications of traffic movements & noise if there is an increase in use.

The chairman stated that LBCA would be contacting the county council to voice our concern.

Increased use may result in more traffic on Trent Boulevard & Adbolton Lane; will there be any access changes?

Could be – don’t know as yet.

Have current users been informed?  Holme Pierrepont running club appear not to know anything about it.

Users should be informed.

The chairman voiced the concern that the water sports centre may go the same way as Rushcliffe’s leisure properties, managed by Parkwood Leisure, with a drop in service.

The chairman thanked Councillor Cooper & introduced Councillor Richard Mallender.


Neighbourhood Watch Report:

The Chairman mentioned that Alan Wain of W. Bridgford Neighbourhood Watch has “2 Steps Ahead” cards to be delivered in West Bridgford. Alan needs volunteers to help, please see the Chair at the end of the evening if you are able to help.

Richard recommended that people access the Neighbourhood Alert system via Nottinghamshire Police’s web site which gives information about crime trends & informs people about issues to look out for.

Questions & Comments

Angie Dickenson also recommended the Neighbourhood Alert system.

The chairman thanked Richard and introduced Malcolm Todd.


Lady Bay Litter Pickers

The most recent “pick” was on the Hook on Sat 15 October. The group has been running for three years. Malcolm would like someone to take over the group – if you are interested please speak to Malcolm at the end of the meeting or contact him via the Lady Bay Litter Pickers web site.

The chairman thanked Malcolm and introduced Sam Hudson, Chair of Friends of the Hook (FrOTH).


FrOTH Report

The site for the pond has been identified; it will be on the south side of the ditch.

A fundraising event is taking place on Sat 12 November at 20:00 at the Poppy & Pint – a performance by Tokyo Green, instrumental rock/jazz musicians – tickets £4 on the door.

FrOTH has secured funding for the wildflower meadow seeds which will be sown this winter.

Questions & comments

A resident from Adbolton Grove mentioned that Severn Trent is replacing sewerage pipes across the fields immediately to the east of Lady Bay.

Alan Booth mentioned the problem of cyclists on the riverside path not alerting pedestrians to their presence; he asked whether there was any progress on the signs asking cyclists to ring their bells.

The secretary said she would follow up the situation as RBC had suggested there may be funding for signs a few years ago but nothing seems to have happened.

The chairman thanked Sam and introduced Claire Kay, Chair of FIELDS.



Claire presented the FIELDS accounts. This year £2,889 was raised from the Open Gardens weekend. Next year’s Open Garden’s weekend will be on 7/8 July. If anyone is interested in opening his/her garden please see Claire at the end of the meeting or contact FIELDS via the web site.

FIELDS has donated money into the resurrected Community Fund for distribution to groups and individuals for projects in the community.

There were no questions or comments.

The chairman thanked Claire.


Community Fund

The Chairman explained that the application forms for the Community Fund are available from Lady Bay Pharmacy & Trent Boulevard Post Office or by email from Maureen Mitchell at  Applications need to be received by Mon 31 October.

There were no questions or comments.

The chairman introduced John Finney.


Summer Fair

John explained that it is proposed to run a Lady Bay Summer Fair on 10 Acre Field next year. The last one was held in 2000. There will be fundraising events leading up to the fair. It will be on the weekend of 23/24 June, with an all-denominational church service on the field on the Sunday. There will be further information coming soon.

There were no questions or comments.

The chairman thanked John and introduced Richard Mallender, LBCA treasurer.


Treasurer’s Report

Copies of the accounts have been made available. This year interest is very low at £4.02; this is at the rate of 0.02%. LBCA is covering costs e.g. printing the newsletter & hall hire & has made a small profit of £124.61. The money for the Community Fund is in the LBCA account.

There were no questions or comments.

The accounts were proposed by Chris Trafford, seconded by Sylvia Wilkins & accepted.

The chairman thanked Richard.


Committee Elections

There are two directly elected posts:

Secretary: Sue Mallender
Treasurer: Richard Mallender 


Representatives from affiliated groups:

FIELDS: Claire Kay
Lady Bay Arts: Brenda Baxter/Jean Guest
Lady Bay Litter Pickers: Malcolm Todd
Lady Bay Planters: Rebecca Archibald
Neighbourhood Watch: vacant

Committee members nominated in advance:

John Finney
Lawrence Geary
Peter Hammond
Maureen Mitchell
James Strawbridge
Sian Trafford
Sylvia Wilkins

Committee members nominated at the meeting:

Ike Malik
Sarjit Singh
Alan Tiplady

All the above were elected unanimously.

The chairman introduced James Strawbridge.


Parliamentary Boundary Changes

James explained that the Boundary Commission has been asked to reduce the number of MPs by 50. In the E. Midlands this means that there will be a reduction of 2 seats. The commission has proposed that Rushcliffe constituency disappears; this doesn’t affect Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC).  New constituencies are to be formed from local council wards with no splitting of wards. Lady Bay ward is proposed to become part of Nottingham South. Those people who live on the East side of Adbolton Gr, Adbolton Lane, the last few houses on Trent Boulevard on the even side, Moore Close & Greenacres Park & who are in Gamston ward are to be part of a new Keyworh & Coalville constituency. This will include most of the rural area of Rushcliffe along with NW Leicestershire with the exception of Loughborough. In the Boundary Commission’s proposals Broxtowe constituency would take over Gotham despite there being the River Trent between & no crossing.

James has his own proposal which respects more natural & historical boundaries. Rushcliffe constituency will still be lost but Gamston would be part of Nottingham South whilst the rural rump of Rushcliffe would be combined with the Melton Mowbray area to give a Vale of Belvoir seat.

Questions & comments

The chairman stated that subject to discussion at the next committee meeting LBCA are likely to support James’s proposals & make representation to the Boundary Commission. Please see James after the meeting if you wish to discuss this issue further.

The chairman thanked James & introduced Councillor Richard Mallender.


Ward Boundary Changes RBC

Richard explained that due to changes in population RBC has a disparity between wards so that some councillors represent 25% more electors than the average & others 19% fewer. Lady Bay ward has 11% more electors per councillor than the average – anything under or over 10% needs to be changed. The council are likely to suggest changes in boundaries to rectify this situation. They have to take into account possible future changes such as the increase in population from developments such as Sharphill. This change is completely separate from the parliamentary constituency boundary proposals.

Questions & comments

Will parish council boundaries be affected?

No, although the council do like to take them into account which is why the areas at the East of Lady Bay are in Gamston ward not Lady Bay as they are part of Holme Pierrepont & Gamston Parish Council.

Malcolm Todd asked whether it is proposed to reduce the numbers of councillors

A reduction is likely to be part of the proposals suggested by the ruling group on the council.

The chairman thanked Richard.


Any Other Business

A resident mentioned that street cleaning remained a problem; he was asked to give details to the chairman after the meeting so that LBCA can report the problem. 


Meeting closed 22:10.