Lady Bay - West Bridgford

7 May 2014

Spring public meeting


Present: 50 including Borough Councillors Richard & Sue Mallender 

Apologies: None

The Chairman welcomed all present & introduced Caitlin Ferguson

Trip to Borneo
Caitlin thanked the Lady Bay community for the donation from The Lady Bay Community Fund she has received. She gave a report with illustrative slides about her trip to Kota Kinabalu as part of a group of 20 people. She spent 5 days at Camp Tinagol helping to build a kindergarten. The people have no education or clean water but satellite dishes and cars! Caitlin then was 2 days at Stables camp building steps for a grandstand. She then went on a jungle trek for 5 days & saw the effects of deforestation & palm oil plantations. Caitlin then spent 7 days at Camp Bongkud building a community centre, a footpath & making repairs to a bridge, after this she worked for 2 days at Batu Puteh jungle camp on a reforestation programme, 1 day visiting Sepilok orang-utan sanctuary & finally 2 days rest at Kota Kinabalu.

There were no questions or comments

The Chairman thanked Caitlin & introduced the Shamser Singh and his son, both pharmacists from Lady Bay Pharmacy.


Lady Bay Pharmacy & Electronic Prescriptions
The pharmacy came to Lady Bay as a result of a campaign by LBCA and the residents of Lady Bay.

There are changes coming to the dispensing of prescriptions with robots collecting the medicines from a large warehouse which are given to patients by unqualified retail staff. Pharmacists will become redundant; this is a detrimental step as people will no longer be able to receive important advice about their conditions and prescriptions. For instance many people take Statins; these should be taken in the evening when the patient is relaxed. If a patient drinks grapefruit juice then Statins are not absorbed & build up causing problems; 90% of cough & cold remedies contain decongestants which can affect the action of tablets taken for high blood pressure.

The pharmacy offers various health promotions such as smoking cessation & encouraging healthy lifestyles by reducing fat & sugar intake & taking exercise such as walking. Advice is given on reducing salt intake as salt increases blood pressure; an adult should have no more than 2g of sodium/6g salt per day.

Lady Bay Pharmacy gives a personal service as the pharmacists know the families in the area & when contra-indications to certain medicines are present. Many older people in the area use the free delivery service for prescriptions & toiletries. The pharmacy collects prescriptions from all local surgeries & this will include the new “super surgery”.

The new electronic prescription service will require patients to nominate a pharmacy; the GP sends the prescription directly to the pharmacy to dispense to the patient. There will be a delivery service to house-bound patients.

The pharmacists at the Lady Bay Pharmacy are able to give advice on treatment so that a visit to the GP may not be necessary, for instance on the treatment of eye infections and water infections.

Questions & comments

When will electronic prescriptions be introduced?

Dr Ottey’s surgery at W. Bridgford Health Centre will be introducing the system next month. All local surgeries will be using the system within 1 year.

Patients can already arrange repeat prescriptions on line at Trent Bridge Medical Practice.

Will paper prescriptions be phased out entirely?

Yes, eventually

The Chairman thanked the Singhs & introduced John Vanhegan from the Lady Bay Farm & Community Group or “Greenies”.

John explained that the group was formed 11 years ago at a LBCA public meeting. There were many founder members that provided “seed” money. 46 people signed up. The piece of land on which the Greenies grow crops used to be known as “awkward field”. The objectives of the group were/are to help the farm stay viable, raise the profile of FIELDS, provide a community supported agricultural project, reduce food miles & grow organically.

Last year the county council “discovered” that there were “unauthorised allotments” on their land, after a short campaign the Greenies are now official tenants of the county council at the “peppercorn” rent of £0!

The piece of land is behind Seymour Rd with an access path from Moore Close. The rest of the land is rented by Mr Croft and at the moment it is planted with winter wheat.

Funding for the Greenies has come from local councillors, the Community Fund, fund raising ceilidhs, Lorraine Kirkman (tenant of the adjoining land before Mr Croft), ice cream sales at Lady Bay Open Gardens & donations for surplus produce. The money has been used to purchase black plastic horticultural sheeting to control weeds, an industrial strimmer, an irrigation system & pump taking water from the dykes around the field, seeds for the allotment holders at a 40% discount, very large compost bins, tools (mainly donations), fuel for the strimmer & pump & payment for tractor work provided by Chris Scott.

On the land green manure is grown. There is an orchard with apples, pears, plums & damsons which are grown in a double row, the width of the field. There are also a number of different varieties of potatoes, including pink fir apple; onions, leeks, soft fruit, courgettes, squashes & pumpkins. In total the land has an area of 1 _ acres, which is about the same size as all the Holme Rd allotments. People grow their fruits & vegetables in 20’ long strips. Hooped cages & netting are used to prevent wood pigeons from taking the crops, though this does not help with caterpillars! A donated fruit cage protects the raspberries. Raised beds are filled from the manure heap for the courgettes, squashes & pumpkins. The irrigation system has a 1,000 litre tank that feeds 3 stand pipes. The pipes were donated from Adbolton nursery. This winter it has been very wet.

Greenies members have an annual BBQ at the time of the sweet corn harvest, cooking the corn cobs in their outer leaves. Members are contacted through a mailing list & can do as much or as little physical work as they wish or can.

The field has a lot of wildlife, in particular pheasants, foxes & kingfishers.

Guided tours are available; see John at the end of the meeting or email him on

Questions & comments

Do the Greenies make a profit?

No, all the money is re-invested. The Greenies have had problems with bank accounts.

Is the produce sold?

No, the Greenies prefer to give it away & ask for donations.

The Chairman thanked John & introduced the Rev. Mark Rodel, Vicar of Lady Bay & St Edmunds.

Trainee Clergy in Lady Bay Area
Mark explained that he works _ time as a minister & _ as a teacher at St John’s college, Bramcote. Several trainees from the college have accepted places working in Lady Bay as part of their training. They & their families are; Darren & Jo with 2 year old Annabelle, Ed & Catherine with 4 year old Noah who are moving here from Chelmsford, Ivor & Gail who are moving from Birmingham & Andy & Briony with Jonah aged 1. All are moving to Lady Bay in Sept. They will each need a 3 or 4 bedroom house. These will be a guaranteed 22 month let. There are 2 more students who are both single. The diocese is planning to buy a 4 bedroom house for these 2 and more students who will join them in the future. All the students who have visited Lady Bay want to come here.

Mark has been the vicar of Lady Bay since Sept 2012 & moved into the vicarage with his family in Feb 2013. He is planning to run events for the community in the vicarage, there was a “farm” in the garden on Palm Sunday & this year there may be a summer garden party.

Questions or comments

John Osborne mentioned 2 events about dementia awareness taking place in Lady Bay. They are both taking place in All Hallows’ Church Hall; 18:30-19:30 Thu 22 May & 11:00-12:00 Fri 23 May. Please see John at the end of the meeting for more information.

James Strawbridge asked whether lodgings are needed for the single trainees?

Possibly, as the diocese may be unable to buy a house this year. The single trainees will be here for 2 or 3 years. Please let Mark know if you know of any available lodgings.

The chairman thanked Mark & introduced Jane Browne of FrOTH

The Hook was designated a nature reserve in ’09. FrOTH volunteers work with RBC & Notts Wildlife Trust to look after the land.

Some events such as triathlons have taken place without consulting FrOTH, the group have asked that the borough inform FrOTH in future.

FrOTH members have been working on “Josie’s Meadow”, the open ground near the river, though the fertility is still too high, the community orchard, with its heritage varieties of apple, pear & damson, & a new row of 18 native black poplars to commemorate the centenary of the end of WWI in 2018.

The clay liner in the 1st pond FrOTH had dug failed so that the pond did not hold water. The new pond was filled with water today. It has a fence to prevent access by dogs. There will be pond dipping events.

On Monday 5th May, International Dawn Chorus Day, there was an early morning bird watching walk at 06:30. We heard whitethroats & many other bird species.

On Sunday Jun 1st there will be a Bird Activity Day; this is for all ages; there will be a trail, guided walks, Arts & crafts & making bird boxes.

There will be a bat walk in Sept.

FrOTH’s AGM will be on 28 May at All Hallows’ Church Hall at 20:00.

Questions & comments

Alan Booth asked what the new pond cost?

It was paid for from a £3,000 environmental grant from RBC. The work was done by the Wildlife Trust.

Alan Booth said if there is money for a pond then why is there no money for notices to ask cyclists to give way to pedestrians & ring their bells?

Though there are no signs the path has been mended due to pressure from FrOTH.

Alan Tiplady commented that notices probably wouldn’t solve the problem. Could the path be widened near the entrance to the football training pitches?

FrOTH will look into this.

Alan Booth suggested that a safety barrier is needed near the dyke/river path

FrOTH will ask RBC if one can be provided

The Chairman thanked Jane & introduced Sian Trafford of Lady Bay Litter Pickers

Lady Bay Litter Pickers
The next 2 “picks” are on Sat 10 May; meet outside the Lady Bay Pub at 10:00 & 14 Jul. “Picks” always take place on Sat & are alternatively in the morning & the afternoon.

The Canal & River Trust would like a group in Lady Bay to register to keep the Grantham Canal litter-free. Please contact Sian after the meeting if you are interested.

There were no questions or comments

The chairman thanked Sian & introduced Keith Wright of Lady Bay Open Gardens

Lady Bay Open Gardens
Keith Wright informed us that posters, flyers & programmes are now ready for printing. There are 15 gardens open this year but please see Keith at the end of the meeting if you would like to open too as the group are happy to have more. The Lady Bay Open Gardens event is on Sat/Sun 21 & 22 Jun


Any Other Business

Rev Mark Rodel made an announcement about the Lady Bay Arts festival:

Lady Bay Arts Festival Sat/Sun 17/18 May 12:00-18:00, 62 artists & 20 venues, including a drawing workshop in All Hallows’ Church

A resident asked whether there will be a bus service to the new “super surgery”

Another resident answered that there will be a bus running a figure of 8 route which will include Lady Bay

Dr. Paige arrived to give an update on the “super surgery”

“Super Surgery”
The surgery will be in 2 parts: the Embankment Primary Health Surgery & the Castle Health Centre.

The staff members from the surgeries which are to amalgamate have been working on the idea for 10 years, more intently in the last 5. 5 local practices are involved. The new surgery will be within the NHS.

There has been pressure on GP surgeries to join together & change their ways of working to meet demands.

To provide more services greater numbers of staff members are required & more space is needed. There is a gap between demand & expenditure.

The site on Wilford Lane was selected despite it being in the flood plain. The raised design has been approved by the Environment Agency (EA). There will be 2 large practices. Castle will be an amalgamation of Trent Bridge, Southview & Ludlow Hill, Musters Rd Medical Practice will remain separate.

The surgery will be opening in Sept; the project is running on time. The building is designed to combine efficiency with a personal service to patients. The building will have 2 wings, larger on the left, car parking will be provided under & around it. There will be a lift to the under croft. Ambulances will be able to use the under croft. There will be a pharmacy, a physiotherapy unit & a patient waiting area. Castle will be on the left, Musters on the right. There will be consulting rooms & offices on the upper floors.

Public transport to the surgery will be in the form of an extension to the free Local Link 2 bus; the route will be changed to accommodate people within the regulations as the route has to be separate to service bus routes. It will cover Clifton, Silverdale, Lady Bay, Morrison’s store Gamston, Melton Rd, Central Av, Wilford Lane. The timetable will be adjusted so that the bus will not run at “school run” times & the service will be provided day time only Mon-Fri. The staff at the new surgery would like to encourage people to cycle to the surgery but the EA will not allow bridging of the flood defences to provide a cycle path from the riverside cycle path.


Questions & comments

If the site is a flood risk area then won’t the under croft be at risk of flooding/

The risk is 1:120 years. The under croft is designed to EA standards to allow flood water to pass through the building.

Alan Tiplady asked about the opening hours

08:00-20:00 Mon-Fri. Possible w/end opening The Castle Surgery will help to spread out workload because there will be more staff available. At the moment there are surges of emergency admissions to hospitals; the new way of working will help hospitals by spreading admissions throughout the day.

What other services are available?

At 1st there will be physiotherapy, a pharmacy & community services. The group are planning to provide more e.g. specialist care, 3rd sector organisations & out patient services from hospitals.

Will each practice retain its patients?

Already people can see which GP they like, at the new surgery it will be the same but there may be a GP available who has special expertise who may be more suitable.

More houses will be built; will the practice expand?

We have done as much as possible to “future proof” it; it isn’t just about nos. but shifting care to the community from hospitals. The population will increase & so will the complexity of the problems presented by patients.

Will “triage” be provided through being able to speak to a GP on the ‘phone?

Seeing a GP as the 1st line of contact is an imperfect science & there will be a different system. “Advanced access” looks at demand, e.g. practices are very busy Mon-Fri & being open only in the week is not enough. A new system; “Dr. First” ensures the most experienced physicians are upfront. A patient ‘phones, the GP calls back, the patient may need tests 1st so may be booked to see a nurse for e.g. blood tests, then sees the GP when the results of the tests are known. The GP may thus only need 5 minutes with the patient. Complex cases are booked for a 15 minute consultation. The system gives health care staff more information to be able structure consultations & provide appropriate routes of care.

A new resident said that a system similar to the 1 outlined by Dr Paige was in place at the practice he attended before moving here & it worked very well.

We have to keep changing systems to benefit patients

Will the electronic prescription system be in place?

At the moment lots of IT work is in progress, we are hoping to launch the hew system very soon.

Will patients be able to nominate Lady Bay pharmacy for prescriptions?

It is the patient’s choice; he/she may go to the pharmacy on site or use one near home.


Meeting closed 22:05


LBCA’s AGM is on Wednesday 22nd Oct, 20:00, All Hallows’ Church Hall