Lady Bay - West Bridgford

9 May 2012

Spring public meeting

Lady Bay Community Association

Minutes of Spring meeting held on Wednesday 9 May 2012 at All Hallows Church Hall

54 including Councillors Richard & Sue Mallender.

Peter Hammond, Vice Chair, LBCA;  Angie Dickenson and Sylvia Wilkins Committee members, LBCA; Brenda Baxter, Lady Bay Arts Festival; Fiona Boyd, Lady Bay Planters; Nick Ebbs.


The Chairman welcomed all present & introduced Joe Rosselli.


Voluntary Work in Uganda
Joe gave a PowerPoint presentation on his voluntary work in Uganda with the charity Smile International. Joe thanked Lady Bay for their generous donations to the fund. He is going to set up a pen pal scheme between children in Uganda & children at Lady Bay School. He also will send back videos.

There were no questions or comments.

The chairman thanked Joe & introduced Phil Machin, manager of the National Water Sports Centre (NWSC) & Derek Keating, Service Director of Youth, Families & Culture at Nottinghamshire County Council.


The Water Sports Centre
The County Council wants to engage a private company to manage and invest in the NWSC. Key features such as canoeing, rafting and free public access to the country park are to be retained. There has been a lot of interest from potential partners. A shortlist of three will be made and the procurement process will take place over the next few weeks. At the moment it costs the County Council £1million/year to operate. The preferred bidder will be informed in early autumn. The decision will be ratified around Xmas 2012 and the company should take over in April 2013.

All bids must enhance the provision for water sports; keep free access to the country park & include investment in the centre. LBCA have sent in opinions from local people which are broadly in agreement with the wishes of the council with regard to the nature of the bid.

Questions & comments

Who owns the land & lakes opposite the NWSC?

The land is in private ownership.

Is there to be a “wave ride”?

Indoor surfing can be provided with a “wave ride”. Some of the bidders have suggested a wave ride or something similar. Regular meetings will be held with the bidders to ascertain what they propose.

The Nottingham City Transport (NCT) buses have stopped running to the NWSC so there is no public transport.

This is an issue for the bidders.

LBCA have asked for the regular route of the 11 bus to be extended.

Will the new rowing lake built for the London Olympics have an effect on the NWSC?

There is a risk but all bidders want to broaden the offer of the centre so it will not be so reliant on rowing events.

The centre needs better publicity.

Yes, this is an accepted issue. A private company will be better at marketing than the County Council.

Will there be a marina & a link to the Grantham Canal?

This would not be one of the major drivers but the council is happy to consider all proposals. This would probably be a longer term plan.

Alan Tiplady asked whether cycling & walking facilities will be considered.

The county have made it a requirement that free access is maintained. Cycle & walking routes in the NWSC & for access are to be increased. A new cycle track is to be set up on the former “Buggy Land” site.

Is the gym staying?

There is no guarantee but it seems likely that it will remain.

The catering is very poor at the moment – will it be improved?

This is why the County Council want a private business running the centre as much better catering & hospitality is needed.

Are there plans for the camp site?

All the bidders want to continue running the camp site as it gives a good regular income & provides accommodation for teams taking part in events.

Who will own the NWSC?

The County Council will own the centre; a private company will run it.

How long will the contract last & what is the expected level of investment?

It is difficult to say as yet. The county is in discussion with the companies as more investment will mean there will be a longer term contract. The contract could be 10-50+ years depending on the scope of investment. A £ multi-million investment would be expected over a long period of time.

Is the camp site open to the public?

Yes. The site is becoming more popular.

There is already a café.

Yes there is but it is poorly situated. There is also a small coffee shop in the “Peak Shop”.

The chairman stated that sometimes private contractors don’t maintain some sections of sites and this can lead to dereliction & eventual expense for the public.

The council will have to make sure that there are controls in place as part of the contract. The large building on the site is in poor condition & needs significant investment.

What events are coming up?

On Mon 4 June there is a beacon celebration for the Diamond Jubilee with a floating beacon, fireworks, live music & a craft fair; free entry and £5 parking fee.

On Thu 28 June the Olympic torch will be carried on a boat across the rowing lake.

There are dragon boat & power boat events coming up. On Sat/Sun 7 & 8 July for the Cultural Olympiad there is a free “big dance” event.

Is there a website? What about using the West Bridgford Local News to publicise events?

There is a website with links to and from other sites; there is an email list, a facebook site and twitter (@nwscnotts). A link with LBCA has been made via the Secretary.

There was a notice board about events on Regatta Way that has now been removed.

This was removed as a new sign was needed but it has been too expensive to replace.

Phil has made many improvements to the NWSC.

Thanks. Community Pay Back workers were used.


The Chairman thanked Phil & Derek & introduced Justine Drury, Channel swimmer.


Channel Swim
Justine gave a presentation about her swim which took place on 25 June 2011. It was a two person relay swim which is the most unusual method, with each swimmer swimming one hour at a time. This increases the risk of hyperthermia.

Justine and her partner, Kate Vines, started from Samphire House, between Dover and Folkestone. The Channel is 21 miles/34 km across. The water temperature is 15-18 degrees C whilst a swimming pool is 28 degrees C. The swim was estimated to take 10-20 hours; Matthew Webb first swam the Channel in 21 hours. Problems include jellyfish, sewage, shipping (400/day), debris & seasickness. Channel swimmers can only wear a swimming costume, a swimming hat, goggles, grease and earplugs. Usually front crawl is the chosen stroke.

Justine & Kate practised in the Trent and at the NWSC. There were a lot of biting invertebrates in the NWSC water.

They started the swim at 05:00 and the swim took them 9 hours 58 minutes.

On the French coast Justine and Kate were met by gendarmes as they scrambled on sharp rocks; the French authorities do not allow Channel swimming so all swims are from England to France with a boat to take the swimmers back.

Justine and Kate won awards from the Channel Swimming Association and Nottingham City Council and raised £15,000 for the Teenage Cancer Unit at the Queen’s Medical Centre.

Questions and comments

Justine was asked if she had suffered any ill-effects.

A wrist strain – but training very hard helped to reduce the possibility of injury.


The chairman thanked Justine and introduced Rev Robert Breckles.


Robert mentioned that the River Trent used to be a popular swimming venue in the ‘40s &’50s and that he has performed a baptism in the river.

Robert is retiring after 28 years in Lady Bay. The new vicar will be the Reverend Mark Rodell who is moving from Portsmouth in Sept. Half his stipend from the diocese will be for working as a lecturer at St John’s College, Bramcote, so he will be part-time in Lady Bay.

There may be implications regarding the management of the All Hallows’ Church Halls. 25 organisations use the halls from 08:00-21:00 daily. The halls are a vital part of the community, especially for children and families & the elderly. They are also used for private parties. It is difficult to recruit people to help with the running of the halls.

On the Halls committee there are four reps from the church council and four reps of user groups; James Strawbridge represents LBCA on the committee. Richard Farr has been the lettings manager since 1983, with Alison Walker providing admin support from 1983, Maureen Mitchell is currently the site manager and general secretary. Recently energy saving measures have been installed such as solar panels on the church roof, double glazing & sensors on the electric lights. The panels provide £600/year for the halls through the feed-in tariff.

The committee needs volunteers. The committee meets 4-5 times per year. The AGM is in the Duesbury Lounge at 20:00 on Mon 28 May – all welcome.

When the halls were refurbished the £1/4 million from the National Lottery imposed an 80-year charge that the halls had to continue as a community facility.

The profits from the halls go into a development fund.

The halls were built in 1969 and were supposed to last 25 years. If there are not enough volunteers then a paid site manger may have to be employed.


There were no questions or comments.


The chairman thanked Robert for all his work in Lady Bay over the years and introduced Sam Hudson, Chair of Friends of The Hook (FrOTH).

FrOTH Report
Sam mentioned that there is a full report in the Spring LBCA newsletter.

A bench has been erected in memory of founder member Miche Broad. The dipping pond has been dug; dipping platform to be added later. The wildflower meadow has been seeded.

The next working party is on Sun 13 May. 14:00-16:00, meet at the “Fishermen’s” Car Park. The AGM is on Wed 23 May in the Duesbury Lounge at 20:00.

Questions & comments

Alan Booth asked whether Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) could cut the grass on the main part of the field in Jul before the school summer holidays rather than in Sept as suggested.

FrOTH will suggest this to RBC.

A resident mentioned that Canada geese like short grass so leaving long grass is a good deterrent.

A resident stated that wildflower meadows should only be cut annually.

The wildflower meadow area will be cut once, in September, as this is best for increasing wildflower diversity.

The Secretary mentioned that the county are going to put in the railings on the paths near the entrances to the Hook on Melbourne & Woodland Roads - at last.

Alan Booth mentioned the problem of cyclists on the riverside path not alerting pedestrians to their presence; he asked whether there was any progress on the signs asking cyclists to ring their bells.

The secretary said that Derek Hadyn from RBC has informed LBCA that the site is unsuitable for signs.


The chairman thanked Sam & introduced Sian Trafford of Lady Bay Litter Pickers.


Lady Bay Litter Pickers
The litter pickers group needs more volunteers. The latest technology is now available with “Bag O” to keep the bags open. The group also has dinosaur mini-grabbers for children. The next pick is on Sat 25 May.

There were no questions or comments.


The chairman thanked Sian and introduced Tony Pitman and David Lyneham-Brown from the Grantham Canal Society.


Grantham Canal
The Grantham Canal Society want to help the people of Lady Bay develop a programme of maintenance for the canal & to answer any questions people may have.

Wildflower meadows could be developed along the banks.

Please look at the website and tell the society what you want.

There were no questions or comments.


The chairman thanked Tony and David and introduced Rebecca Archibald.


Fiona Boyd and Rebecca oversee the adoption of the planters. A few are still not adopted – are there any volunteers? Rebecca has a map with her to show which ones need someone to look after them. Please let Rebecca know if you are looking after one that isn’t on her list.

There were no questions or comments.


The chairman thanked Rebecca & introduced Julian Marsh.


Development Plan – Community Energy
Julian works for Meadows Ozone Energy Services Limited (MOZES) which is a Community Owned Energy Company in The Meadows that runs with the help of the Meadows Partnership Trust. 70 homes in the Meadows have been fitted for free with photo-voltaic (PV) panels and the feed-in tariff from these goes to the energy company. “Green Loans” are available for insulation, bikes, PV panels, energy efficient white goods etc. The company have permission to build a wind turbine. There is an energy advisor who can advise people and education on energy is provided for local schools. The company is working with local landlords with a “green deal”. Loans of up to £10,000 are available for energy saving measures.

A similar scheme could be set up in Lady Bay either through share deals or a co-operative.

There were no questions or comments but it was decided that Julian could come to our autumn meeting to explain more about a community energy scheme.


Development Plan – Empty Properties
The Secretary explained that attempts have been made to engage with the owners of the buildings on Trent Boulevard that lie empty. Please contact the Secretary if you know contact details for any owners.


The chairman thanked Julian.


Any Other Business
A resident mentioned that a tree needs replacing on Seymour Road at its junction with Trent Boulevard. The Secretary will ask for a replacement.

A resident asked whether we could have doorstep glass collection.

Councillor Richard Mallender explained that RBC looked into this a few years ago and decided they couldn’t justify the costs. Small bring sites were given a trial in villages but were not successful. At the moment RBC is assessing footfall at existing bring sites.

The Secretary mentioned that a possible solution would be for the scouts to change their paper banks to bottle banks and this idea is to be discussed with them.

John Finney reminded people that the Lady Bay Summer Fair will be on Sat 23 June from 10:00-22:30 at the Lady Bay Pub followed by an all-denominational church service on Sun 24 June.

The Chairman asked whether anyone would like to help Sylvia Wilkins with the newsletter – Ike Malik volunteered.


Meeting closed 22:08.