Lady Bay - West Bridgford



Any spinners out there?

A message from Denny Plowman

At the Arts and Crafts weekend and the Gardens weekend I did a demonstration of spinning wool.


A lady to whom I chatted mentioned that she had one (or more?) wheels in her attic that she no longer used. Alas, I didn’t take her name and contact details. I am asking about this now for two reasons: firstly, I would be interested in seeing the wheels for myself and, secondly, a church in St Ann's has asked if I can lend them various woolly things (fleece, carders, dyed wool etc.) for displays and activities they are doing on a harvest theme. I can supply all that they want except a wheel.

Or can anybody else help?

Finally, are there any other spinners in Lady Bay who might like to get together and talk fluff?

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