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Registration required for recycling centre

New rules for who can use the recycling centres

Nottinghamshire County Council are encouraging residents to register for the recyling centre ahead of requirements coming in later this year. They say:

"To make sure only those allowed to use our recycling centres do so we're introducing a scheme so you must register your vehicle(s) with us first.

The Council is facing huge budget pressures and this will help us to reduce our costs by £200,000 each year and will also make sure our recycling centres are only used by people who live in Nottinghamshire, improving our quality of service, for example by reducing waiting times.

If the registration number of the vehicle you use when visiting a recycling centre has not been registered with us first, you may not be allowed to use the recycling centre.

It’s quick, free and easy and you only need to do it once (unless you change your car or address). We are encouraging people to register now ahead of the scheme being fully enforced later this year."


Get full details and access to online registration here: