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West Bridgford GP practices merger plans

Proposed site of new combined practice on Wilford Lane
Proposed site of new combined practice on Wilford Lane

Many of you will have received a letter from your GP regarding a proposed merger of several West Bridgford practices and a relocation to a new site on Wilford Lane.

The consultation on this plan will run until Friday 6 January 2012. GPs, practice staff and officers from the Primary Care Trust will be available to speak to those with questions, concerns or comments at the following events and meetings:

Saturday 3 December – at the West Bridgford Christmas Lights event, 10am-2pm.

Thursday 5 January 2012 – at West Bridgford Community Hall, 2pm-4pm.

Thursday 5 January 2012 – at Easthorpe House, 165 Loughborough Road, Ruddington, 6pm-8pm.

Other ways of making your views known are:

Telephone 0800 028 3693



Nottinghamshire NHS have published a 'Questions & Answers' document about the plans as follows.


Q: Which practices does this involve?

A: There are five practices in total; Ludlow Hill Surgery, Compton Acres Medical Centre, Southview Surgery and Trent Bridge Medical Practice all plan to merge and work together as one larger practice with Musters Medical Practice also re-locating alongside the new practice but continuing to work separately.


Q: Why did the PCT send me a letter?

A: NHS Nottinghamshire County Primary Care Trust (PCT) has a statutory responsibility to consult with all patients when there is proposed change in the way that healthcare is provided. All patients affected by the proposed changes have been sent a standard letter.


Q: Do the practices want this to happen?

A: The practices have worked alongside the PCT for over three years in developing this proposal. The practices feel that this is a unique opportunity to ensure the long term continuity of General Practice within West Bridgford.


Q: Will I be able to still see the GP of my choice?

A: Yes, all of the GPs from the five practices are relocating to the new building. The merged practice will offer a wider choice of GPs; however you can choose which GP you would prefer to see. Musters Medical Practice will offer access to their GPs in the same way that they currently operate.


Q: Will I be able to see the Nurse of my choice?

A: Yes, all of the nursing staff will relocate to the new building. There will be access to specialist nurses and nurse practitioners within the merged practice. Musters Medical Practice will continue to operate in a similar way as they do at the moment.


Q: Were other land and buildings considered?

A: In total the practices have looked at 59 sites, which included land and buildings within the West Bridgford area. Many of these were ruled out on size, location, availability, cost etc. We have looked at 23 sites in detail which will form part of our planning application. This site was evaluated as the most appropriate in our review.


Q: Where is the proposed site on Wilford lane?

A: Travelling out of West Bridgford up Wilford Lane, the site is just past the Beeches Hotel, on the opposite side (right hand side), immediately after the houses finish.


Q: How far away from each of the Practices is the proposed Wilford Lane site?

A: The new site is less than 0.9 miles by road from the existing sites, the distances are as follows: Ludlow Hill 0.9 miles, Compton Acres 0.8 miles, Trent Bridge 0.7 miles, Southview 0.6 miles, Musters Medical 0.9 miles.


Q: Which part of the site would be used to accommodate the new building?

A: This is still being investigated and will be influenced by a number of factors including access onto the site, impact on the local area and other planning considerations.


Q: The building will be big; will it loose that personal feeling?

A: The practices are conscious that they will be moving from converted houses to a purpose built surgery, and this has been factored into the design of the building. The practices will each have a dedicated area of the building so that you will still feel like you are going to your own practice. The merged practice intends to operate clinics throughout the day, phasing the amount of patients that will be in the building at one time to help maintain our personal approach.


Q: How will two practices work in one building?

A: The two practices (merged practice and Musters Medical Practice) will function autonomously within the building, in that they will have separate patient lists. However, they will work together and share functions, such as phlebotomy (blood taking), physiotherapy, minor surgery and other services.


Q: Will the building have dedicated parking spaces?

A: Yes, the practices have consulted with the local planning officers and the Highways Agency and have factored a significant number of parking spaces into the development.


Q: Why can’t we improve the existing buildings?

A: Many improvements have been made to the existing buildings over the years. However, a recent audit of the conditions of the buildings and the way in which they function has indicated that even with significant investment, they could not be brought up to adequate standard. They cannot be made more suitable for disabled access in line with current legislation and there are other statutory regulations which we are unable to satisfy.


Q: Why can’t we build a new facility on one of the existing sites?

A: None of the sites are big enough. The building requires a site of approximately two acres.


Q: How do most patients get to the practices?

A: All of the practices conducted a travel survey of how patients reached the current premises during October. The results of the survey are detailed below:

Car:68%  Taxi:3%  Walk:19%  Cycle:4%  Bus:5%  Motorcycle:1%

The outcome of the survey shows that the majority of patients drive at 68%.


Q: Are there any plans to improve public transport to the proposed site?

A: Contact has been made with the County Council department responsible for public transport regarding improving the access for patients to the site. Discussions will continue about bus routes and alternative means of transport such as the voluntary car scheme. More details will be made available shortly. The practices have done an analysis of how people travel to the surgery, 5% currently travel by public transport. The practices have produced a public transport matrix of how patients could get to the new surgery from the main conurbation areas that their practice areas cover.


Q: What would be done to improve the road access to the new healthcare facility?

A: The practices will work closely with the Highways Department of the County Council to provide a safe access to the site.


Q: Rushcliffe Borough Council have outlined plans for more new housing in the West Bridgford area, has this been considered as part of the plans?

A: The practices are working closely with Rushcliffe Borough Council to understand the impact of any new housing in the area.

Q: What will happen to the old sites once the practices have moved out?

A: Four of the sites are owned by the doctors; the sites will either be sold or leased for other purposes. One of the sites is leased by the PCT.


Q: Why can’t other public services co-locate to the site?

A: The PCT and practices have explored opportunities with other parties for working in partnership. However, the individual plans and strategies of the different bodies involved do not share the same priorities or timescales.


Q: Why is Musters Medical Practice remaining independent even though the Doctors there are so enthusiastic about the move?

A: Musters Medical Practice has a proven track record of delivering high quality services and has a patient list of 9,000 patients already. This makes the practice large enough now to function within the changing NHS. Practices with less than 5,000 patients on their list will find this more difficult because they will not be able to realise the economies of scale the larger practices can. The building is going to be designed to accommodate flexible working between the two practices and would be built to allow the convergence of both practices over time, if this was deemed appropriate.


Q: Why have the other practices in West Bridgford been excluded?

A: There are three other practices in the area – St. George’s, West Bridgford Health and Gamston Medical Centres. The doctors have been fully informed of the proposal and have been asked if they wish to be part of it. They have indicated that they wish to remain as independent practices but that they fully support the project.


Q: How will the responses to the consultation be evaluated?

A: The responses will be collated and then analysed by a group including patients’ representatives. The outcome of the consultation will be fed into the overall evaluation process which will in turn become part of the business case considered by the Board of the PCT. Feedback on the outcome of the consultation process is of paramount importance and this will be done through a variety of methods such as the local paper, PCT’s website and posters in local buildings. Other factors which will also be considered are: Cost of acquiring the site; planning considerations; accessibility – how easy it is to get onto the site; impact a new building would have on the local environment; technical considerations – mains services, ground conditions; overall affordability of the project.


Q: Is this a consultation or is it going to happen anyway?

A: The PCT has a legal responsibility to consult with patients affected by changes to services. Each response received either by feedback form, telephone call, email or conversation with staff at the surgeries or at the open events will reviewed and incorporated into a report for the PCT Board. The Board will consider if the consultation has given patients sufficient opportunity to comment and, having considered the responses, will decide if the proposal can go ahead.


It is really important that patients read the information they have been sent, the displays in each of the surgeries and take the opportunity to ask any questions; and if possible go along to one of the open events where they can discuss the proposal with the doctors and practice staff.