Recording Birds in Lady Bay

Lady Bay Birdwatchers are proposing to undertake the recording of bird species in the Lady Bay area on an annual basis. It is not intended that this is a scientific exercise but more of a proposal to provide interest and information to see which species the area attracts – very much along the lines of the RSPB’s “Big Garden Birdwatch’. With its location on the River Trent corridor, the area is well placed to attract a variety of species; Sparrowhawk, Woodcock, Turtle Dove, Little Egret, Grasshopper Warbler and Lesser Whitethroat have already been noted along with many of the more common species such as Blue Tit, Blackbird etc.

We are looking for people to assist in the following ways (in any combination):

  • Record birds in your garden 4 times per year during the first week of the following months – January, April, July and October. This will be the main part of the survey
  • Provide random garden records for any time of the year
  • Provide random records of birds seen in the Lady Bay area; this can include birds seen outside the boundary but from within the area and ‘flyovers’.

The boundary of the Lady bay area is deemed to be the rugby club on Holme Road, Radcliffe Road, Regatta Way to the sailing club, River Trent. A boundary map is currently being prepared.

It is the intention to provide a short report each year.

If you would like to take part or find out more information please contact Keith Rainford at [email protected] or visit

Thank you.