Rushcliffe green bins and garden waste

Garden waste £40 per year for one green bin. Each additional bin costs £25 per year. Prices as of February 2020.  For more details, including what can and can't go in the bin and to register for one, see this link :-

Of course we should be composting what we can and also consider setting up a wormery. 

  • Since you can't put shredded paper into the blue bin, we understand that it can be used to help manage the moisture levels in a wormery.  Luckily we have a very enthusiastic centre of knowledge in Nottingham - The Urban Worm.  Be careful if you contact them, though, their enthusiasm is contagious.  Or turn it into briquets for a chimenea or wood-burner.
  • Egg shells and boxes - egg shells take 2 years to compost and should be crushed before composting.  Egg boxes are recyclable in the blue bin although they are reusable (by buying eggs loose) and are also reputed to be compostable.