How To Contribute

Anything that might be of interest for Lady Bay is welcome

If you have anything you would like to have included on this website, please e-mail your text and pictures to the appropriate administrator as listed below. If there is no relevant section, send your material to Sam Hudson and suggest a new one.

The sort of things you may want to add to this site:

  • General news items
  • Local group information and news
  • Events
  • Contributions to history and other information pages
  • Information about the local area


The site is run by a small team of local volunteers. We will do our best to post material as promptly as possible, and welcome all contributions, but do reserve the right to edit or decline items. We don't allow more than two exclamation marks per sentence unless you pay. Please also see the terms and conditions page on the main menu.

You're welcome to submit images to go with your text, but we do respect copyright, so please make sure you have the right to use and publish the picture.

If you're sending information for an event or group meeting, please make sure you include all the stuff people will need to know, including dates, times, venue and costs if any. Let us have contact details, too, so that people can check with you direct if necessary.

Please also send in suggestions for how we might develop the website.

Sam Hudson is the lead administrator:  [email protected]

Our thanks go to Dan Patterson and Maureen Mitchell whose tireless efforts have contributed to the expansion of Lady Bay's online presence.