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Music Tuition

Guitar and Drum lessons are available at The Test Match PH.

All levels. Various prices.

Please ring Mary on 846 2830 for details.

The Poppy Folk Club

The club meets once a month, either on the second or third Sunday of the month.

We want to encourage more local people to come along and have a go, so if you think you might have a song or two in you, or if you play an instrument, please come along to one of our regular singaround / session nights. Please see our web site for details of our concerts and singaround sessions, and details will also be posted in the Events section of this website.

Start time 7:30pm, in the upstairs room at The Poppy and Pint pub on Pierrepont Road in Lady Bay. See the website or call on 0115 9231513 (Juliet) or 07790 943893 (Dave mobile) for more details.

Upcoming events at the Poppy Folk Club this year:

  •  Sunday 24th March - Poppy Folk Day
  •  Sunday 14th April - Singaround and Music Session
  •  Sunday 19th May - Will Pound
  •  Sunday 16th June - Singaround and Music Session
  •  Sunday 21st July - Georgia Lewis
  •  Sunday 22nd September - Singaround and Music Session
  •  Sunday 20th October - Sam Kelly Trio 
  •  Sunday 17th November - Singaround and Music Sesion
  •  Sunday 15th December - Melrose Quartet Christmas Show

Fiddle Folk Group

Are you interested in playing folk / traditional / world music ?

We are a small group of adults who are learning to play the fiddle. We get together every couple of weeks in West Bridgford to play folk tunes from around the world (plus whatever takes our fancy!) and are keen to extend the group to include other acoustic instruments and more fiddles.

Most of us have only been learning the fiddle for a couple of years. We play just for fun and only beginner - intermediate standard with the emphasis on the enjoyment of playing along with others.

If you are interested in joining us, we would love to hear from you, particularly if you are learning an instrument yourself, or perhaps you used to play and would like to get back into it.

If you would like to get in touch please email [email protected] or telephone 982 0926.

New Jazz Group?

Anyone interested in an occasional get together, to listen to Jazz CDs and perhaps watch VHS tapes of Jazz programmes. I have a large collection of interesting footage.

Please contact Don Read at [email protected] .uk

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