History of Lady Bay

We are starting to construct a picture of the history of Lady Bay, based on individual contributions.  Do please let us know of any relevant material we could link to.

In the meantime, here is an extract from an interesting article on the Nottinghamshire History website, written by Robert Mellors in 1914 , that describes, among other things, why our area is called Lady Bay.  You will probably find the whole article interesting as it is about West Bridgford - use the page left and right buttons to browse the article.

We do have the book on Victorian Lady Bay, as described here but we also hope for more material to appear here - in due time though, no promises.  But here is a start.

These two maps show how much our area changed between 1835 and 1900-ish =- thanks to Jeff Mackintosh for these.

Jeff also did some valuable research in 2012 on the local servicemen who died in the First World War.  His work led to the planting of the 'Avenue of Remembrance' on the eastern edge of the Hook and the production of commemorative plaques for each serviceman.  The plaques are on display in the main bar of the Poppy and Pint, which is particularly appropriate as that building used to be the British Legion.  You can read more about it all in this PDF document.