about LADY BAY and this website

Aerial photograph of Lady Bay, courtesy of Mike Beard photogaphy

The aim of this website is to share the best bits of what is going on in our community and what it has to offer, so here is an overview of the site, followed by contact details.

Local combines all that can be gleaned from various sources about the businesses and services available to residents and some of the things that affect them.  It draws from, but is not formally linked to, the Facebook group Lady Bay Local, but we are happy to use any source we can get hold of. 
This section now includes various links regarding the Covid-19 situation - 'Covid-19' for local information, 'Links - Help and Information' for more official sources, 'Groups and Classes' for ongoing activity despite the situation  and 'Political Representation' for briefings from councillors etc.

LBCA stands for Lady Bay Community Association, the sponsors of this website.

Arts and Gardens contains information about our two big community events in the year, the Lady Bay Arts Trail and the Lady Bay Open Gardens.

Lady Bay in Action is a new section designed to cover the many voluntary groups doing good work in Lady Bay.

Culture has information about the artistic activity in our area, covering art, dance, drama and music, plus our fledgling page on the History of Lady Bay.

Events is our listing of all major events in or close to Lady Bay (so long as someone tells us about them), including music and drama plus meetings and anything else interesting or that affects us.

Which brings me back to this 'About' page, which not only describes what the rest of the site is about but also contains links to sections on

How to Contribute


How to Contact us

Enjoy exploring Lady Bay.  One place to start could be via Trevor Riddiough's '100 walks from the Poppy and Pint'.
and then 100 walks Volume 2
and, to complete the set, Volume 3 - Winter Walks.

Lady Bay is a residential area which is part of West Bridgford, in Nottinghamshire, but is also within walking distance of Nottingham City centre and is, thankfully, on the no. 11 and L22/23  bus routes.  Also within walking distance are the National Watersports Centre, Trent Bridge Cricket ground, Nottingham Forest and Notts County football grounds and Nottingham Rugby Club (and we can see the racecourse across the river).

It has a distinctly individual village atmosphere, being bounded by the River Trent, open fields and the Grantham Canal (OK and the A52).

Here's a contents list of our website, followed by a copy of the invaluable Lady Bay Street Guide, modelled on the New York Subway map, created by Lee Williams.

Lady Bay Street Guide

If you are having trouble finding your way around, especailly if you are from New York, this map should help you feel at home.

Thanks to Lee Williams, for permission to use this image.  Lee can be contacted via Instagram on @l____e____e and might be able to arrange glossy copies if you want one.