Lady Bay businesses & Groups promoting Reduce & reuse

Shopping with plastic waste reduction, re-filling and re-use in mind

Zero Waste shop:  The Good Weigh at 96 Trent Boulevard sets a high standard for what can be achieved with a little forethought and a few refillable containers. The shop offers:

  • Dry wholefoods (purchased in bulk for refilling)
  • Household liquids, which include bath/body wash, shampoo, conditioners and even bath salts purchased in bulk for refilling (containers ALL taken back by supplier)
  • Fruit & Veg purchased loose to eliminate the need for any plastic
  • A selection of beauty and household products available without plastic offering the community alternatives to supermarket offerings
  • Oils available to refill (containers ALL taken back by supplier).


Fruit and veg:  Packaging for vegetables, salads and fruit makes up a fifth of all plastic in supermarkets. To reduce our food packaging waste, as well as The Good Weigh, there are also three home delivery  companies used by Lady Bayers, delivering organic fruit and veg boxes and committed to waste reduction. They are:-

For those closer to West Bridgford: The Fruit Basket also offers a lot of refillable products and fresh fruit and veg.

Milk (and dairy-free milk): The glass milk bottle is still alive.  The Bumpkin  Dairy supplies self-service milk stations in various locations . The nearest one is Elms Farm shop in Ruddington. Milk&More can deliver regular milk, oatmilk or almond milk, plus fruit juices, to the doorstep in glass bottles.

Fresh flowers:  Lady Bay Blooms specialises in locally-grown flowers provided in attractive plastic-free packaging.

Grow-your-own, sharing and foraging:  Picking fruit and veg straight from the tree, garden or allotment cannot be bettered as a strategy for lowering your plastic waste as well as your carbon footprint. As well as our own gardens, Lady Bay is fortunate to have both a Community Garden - Lady Bay Greenies and a Community Orchard planted by Friends of the Hook.