recycling and 'Bring' centres near Lady Bay

Nottinghamshire Recycling Facilities

Nottinghamshire Council's local Recycling Centre, Rugby Road, West Bridgford, NG2 7HX, is open and booking is no longer required.

Accept a variety of items e.g. textiles, metals, electricals, engine oil, car batteries & cooking oil, wood, chipboard, garden waste, fluorescent tubes and long-life lightbulbs.  For full list, but you have a lot to wade through, see here -

Not paint! – see link


Ruschcliffe borough council recycling facilities

Covid-19 update - Rushcliffe Borough Council’s ‘Bring Sites’ (bottle banks and tetrapak cartons) are still being operated by Rushcliffe Council as normal.  They request that , where possible, people stockpile their recycling items at home until the crisis is over.  Clothes bank collections have restarted but there a surplus of clothes has built up. Please report any problems to the Rushcliffe Council contact centre by calling 01159819911.

The 'Bring Sites' are at the Hook Carpark (bottles only), West Bridgford library car park and at Asda, Morrisons (example below) and Sainsbury’s.  We welcome feedback on what is and is not accepted at these sites.

These take separated glass bottles and jars and tetrapacks (with or without tops? we aren't yet sure), clothes, household fabrics, shoes (for re-use?).  We also believe that Sainsbury’s, Asda, the Co-op and Morrisons will accept used plastic carrier bags but at a collection point in-store, not at the Bring Site. We also don't yet know whether there are any differences between the sites.

You can find your nearest Bring Site, via this link -

Lady bay hook carpark

Bottle bank only.

2 bins for each of green and brown bottles, 1 for clear.

Morrisons Bring Site

Typical bring site that caters for more articles, not just bottles.  Others are at the Library car park and at Asda and Sainsburies.

We are not sure whether the presence of plastic tops on the tetrapaks is significant - we suspect they shouldn't be included, see drop-off points for a collection point in Lady Bay for these.

Cardboard should not be deposited in the carton banks, it goes in the separate blue bin (shown here) at Morrisons, or your own blue bin.

Site also accepts green, brown and clear glass bottles and jars.

Clothes banks are closed during Covid-19.  Please keep these items at home until they reopen and please do not leave in bags by the bins, they are not being emptied.

  • Morrisons Bring Site
  • Morrisons Cardboard recycling bin