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FIELDS is a local action group committed to protecting the countryside East of Lady Bay.  After several successful campaigns, primarily against the proposed fourth Trent Crossing at Holme Pierrepont (going as far back as 1976), Fields was dormant for many years, but now there are new proposals for development of the land east of Lady Bay, which is prone to flooding. These are relocation of Lady Bay School on the land east of Regatta Way and subsequent infill of the land between the proposed school and Lady Bay.


Public meeting on Zoom - Tuesday 15th June 2021 from 7.30 - more details below but joining instructions are: Meeting ID: 998 6070 0956 Passcode: 624711.  Views on the proposals can be posted via this link, organised by Penny -

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    Lady Bay school relocation

    Proposals have been made to close Lady Bay School and transfer to a new school to be built on fields east of Regatta Way.  FIELDS aims to campaign on this issue and as part of this campaign will consult with parents and the school to ensure all views and alternative proposals are put forward to Nottinghamshire County Council.
    See article in West Bridgford Wire - 12th March 21.

    An exhibition to demonstrate how refurbishments of existing city schools can be achieved, as an alternative to relocation, will soon be publicished widely in the area.


    Examples of this type of refurbishment, as alternative to relocation, have been compiled by Alan Wright into a set of display boards to accompany the Lady Bay School exhibition boards - see next section.

    LADY BAY school - alternatives to relocation

    Alternative designs for the school on its current site are already emerging

    The building with the tower has to be retained as it is grade 2 listed.  But in fact it is already a flexible space and can be adapted accordingly.   The rest of the site could be developed, if necessary with increased capacity, utilising a tiered structure such as that shown here (similar to the Marlborough Primary School example above).  Thanks are due to Alan Wright for his work on these exciting ideas.

    And keep a lookout for the Minecraft version, coming soon - if we aren't careful, the kids will design it for us!

    Multi-level design
    Currrent Site
    Available space

    Get involved

    Public meeting to be held on Zoom - Tuesday 15th June 2021 from 7.30 - more details below but joining instructions are here. Meeting ID: 998 6070 0956 Passcode: 624711.  Register your views here -

    There have been a number of developments recently that have led to the need for Fields to be re-energised.  Issues include:-

    Other proposals may involve community campaigning but these will be handled through the Community Association directly.  They include:-

    • Campaign to maintain footpath access to the fields to the East of the Hook.
    • Proposal to construct a pedestrian and cycle bridge across the Trent near the Hook

    A FIELDS committee meeting has been held and volunteers are being sought to support the work to be done.  Please contact Sue Mallender in the first instance at [email protected].

    Here are two articles, both describing the history of FIELDS, the need for volunteers and the current situation.  One from the October 2020 Newsletter and the other based on the first FIELDS meeting in 2021.

    If you want to know more, get involved with the FIELDS group or help out in some way, please contact [email protected]


    Go to the FIELDS Facebook group. (This is a private group so you can join by invite only. If you know anyone already on the group, ask to be invited. The group is growing rapidly so it may not be long before you are invited anyway.)


    Public meeting - "NEW SCHOOL places for West Bridgford" 15 June, 19.30 on Zoom

    Joining Instructions - Meeting ID: 998 6070 0956 Passcode: 624711

    Message from our County Councillor, Penny Gowland.

    "During the election I promised to consult on the plans to build a new secondary school on Regatta Way and to move Lady Bay School to the same site.
    Over the next few weeks I plan to run a survey but first I would like to hold this public meeting."

    Examples of alternative plans for Lady Bay School can be found in this page, above.

    The aim is to discuss this proposal from Notts CC