Welcome to Fields

FIELDS is a local action group committed to protecting the countryside East of Lady Bay.  After several successful campaigns, primarily against the proposed fourth Trent Crossing at Holme Pierrepont (going as far back to 1976), Fields is currently dormant until the next bad idea comes along.

It remains a sub-committee of the Lady Bay Community Association but, having built up a 'fighting fund', it no longer draws funds from the Open Gardens.

BTW FIELDS stands for "Fight It, Especially the Land Development Scheme".

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    There have been a number of developments recently that may lead to a need for Fields to be re-energised.  Issues include:-

    • Inclusion in the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan of floodplain land adjacent to Lady Bay as being of potential development, including building on the current sports fields.
    • Campaign to maintain footpath access to the fields to the East of the Hook.

    For this to happen, it will require a number of volunteers to be willing and able to dedicate their time to one or more campaigns.  There is plenty of expertise in the area, what is needed is people's time and commitment.

    If anyone feels able to take on the leadership of Fields, or other roles, please contact the Community Association.

    Please read this article, explaining the history of Fields and the need for volunteers now.