Covid-19 iNformation and links

This page seeks to pull together information on the Covid-19 outbreak as it affects on our area.
  It lists as much as we can find of the many local initiatives and services operating to support people and get us all through this.
Please pass on any of the following information to people who might not have access to websites or Social Media.
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that everything here will stay up to date, so we include website and facebook details to help you check.  Please help us by using the Contact Form to let us know of any corrections or additions - thanks.

For more general information on Covid-19 from the government, NHS and other official bodies, including the councils and public transport,
see the top of our 'Links - Help and Information' page.

Also there is some information from Rushcliffe Council about local initiatives, including a link to the Community Support Hub,  :-
(but far more information on our pages at present)

Now please read/scroll on for:-
Headlines, Local Initiatives, Shopping Locally including Deliveries, Shopping Deliveries from further afield,
Take-aways and meals delivered, and, at the end, Services available in the rest of West Bridgford (AKA Steve's Bicycle Tours).


Hot off the press - 100 Walks from the Poppy and Pint (100 is a bit aspirational, there are only 43 so far).  Thanks to Trevor Riddiough of Ramblers Walking Holidays and member of Lady Bay Birdwatchers for this.

Lady Bay Chip Shop reopening! - Monday 18th May 12th at 5-00pm!

LeftLion Magazine have produced an excellent review of independent businesses trying to stay open, in one form or another , during the current Covid-19 situation.  Click here -

Lady Bay Pharmacy have posted an important message re Covid-19 - "Due to Corona Virus Please DO NOT come into the pharmacy if you have any of the following symptoms:  - FEVER   - DRY COUGH   - ANY COLD/FLU SYMPTOMS.  Please call the pharmacy for advice or send a friend or neighbour to the pharmacy.  Telephone  0115 945 5412."  Opening hours under Local Shops and Services, below.
On a related subject, here is a plea from the heart from a GP receptionist in North Nottingham, known personally by Steve.  She didn't write it but endorses every word.

Post Office temporary opening hours Mon - Fri 10:00 - 15:00 and Closed Saturday and Sunday.

West Bridgford Community Helpers are now well established and doing great work - see Local Initiatives below for more details.  A member of the West Bridgford Community Helpers has produced this list of many of the services available, specifically relating to Staying at Home during Covid-19 situation.

County council's 'Community Support Hub' for local support, especially for people in the 'vulnerable' category and for volunteers, based on a short online questionnaire -  It includes a call-back service for 1-1 discussion on individual needs.

Recycling - Rugby Road Centre is still closed.  See Links and Information or our Recycling Centres page for more information on recycling and waste disposal facilities.  Most of our drop-off recycling points are closed but see our page for those still collecting.  Refuse collection operating as normal.

Status reports from our political representatives - more contact information can be found on our Political Representation page:-

  • Borough Councillors, Richard and Sue Mallender - Click here to read.
  • County Councillor, Liz Plant -  Click here to read
  • MP, Ruth Edwards, 'Letter to Rushcliffe' obtained from West Bridgford Wire - Click here to read.
  • Council Briefings on various Covid-19 subjects in this document, last issue is here
  • The Councillors' Community Support grant Scheme has been amended as a result of Covid19 and the massive challenge this has presented to the local community. This year’s allowance can be drawn down to help communities support the vulnerable and ensure people have what they need during these unprecedented times. Contact Sue and Richard Mallender, Lady Bay ward borough councillors, to discuss if you are a group or individual providing for others in need or you are in need yourself, and would like some funding.  Contact details via our Potitical Representation page.

Defibrilator - The Lady Bay pub want to remind everyone that it has a defibrillator which can be accessed via a code. The code can be obtained from the Ambulance Service or from the Lady Bay pub, tel 07980920295.

All Play Areas are now closed - yes that includes the one on Hook and the ones on Oaktree Close and Adbolton Grove (have they cleaned that one up yet, anyway?).  The public parks are still open for exercise and dog walking - please maintain Social Distancing at all times.

Eva's Grill is back online - again -  Delivery and collect from 5pm-10pm 7 days a week. 
Cuzina back online too.
Details on both under Deliver and Collect - meals - below.

Larwood and Voce delivering food on selected days, ready meals and Sunday roasts - see below under 'Delivery and Order/Collect - Food'. 

Jim's / Raj/s etc staying open
Rutherfords butchers now closed for good but details of two more butchers in West Bridgford, who can do deliveries, have been added.  More detail below under Shopping.

Shopping in general - no way we can keep up with this subject, but we have a go - see below for local shops still operating and shops and takeaways who deliver.  A number of wholesalers have now switched to home deliveries - some are listed below under Deliveries Of Shopping.  The large supermarkets are reserving certain times and days for those at risk and/or for support workers (health, police etc).  Therefore best to check their websites before heading out for that once-a-week shop.
Asda          Co-op (National)     Aldi        Iceland       Morrisons        M&S         Sainsburys

Real Ale! - How did it take me so long?  New section at the end of Deliveries of Shopping, focussed on local breweries of course.
Want flour? - Green's mill are still selling their flour - you just need to watch out for when the wind blows, then order online - see Facebook page -
Lady Bay Festival at Home being planned for 6th June - see our Events Calendar or Local Initiatives below.

LOcal INitiatives

West Bridgford Community Helpers - A 'buddy system' initiative to pair volunteers with lonely and vulnerable people needing support during self-isolation.  Called Community Helpers, they have a Facebook group and an email address [email protected].

West Bridgford Wire's Corona Virus page, with lots of useful local information.

Council Community Hub - just set up as of 14 April 2020, see above.

Some organisations are offering to supply food for people having to self-isolate.  These include the Feeding Nottingham initiative below and Guru Nanak's Mission -  Food banks are still operating and need donations more than ever.

Lady Bay Festival at Home - 6th June 2020.  A Virtual Music Festival is planned, including participation of local food delivery outlets.  For more information see this link

The listings below are aimed at both informing people of what is available and promoting - we hope, helping preserve - our local businesses.  At this stage it make some sense to keep established supply chains running, including take-aways and pubs and restaurants doing take-out or delivery.  Unfortunately we can't hope to keep up with the changing situation in real time so, as always, check with the venue first.

Shopping Locally, including those that deliver

Lady Bay Pharmacy and the Post Office are continuing to operate.  Please respect the 2 metre rule to protect yourself and others.  We are lucky we have them at a time like this.

  • Post Office has reduced hours - Mon-Fri 10:00-3pm.  If in self-isolation and needing something from them, either call 0115-9821645 or message via Facebook -
  • Lady Bay Pharmacy:  Temporary opening hours - MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10am - 12noon and 2pm - 4pm, SATURDAY 10am - 12noon, SUNDAY closed.  Accepting one customer at a time at the door."  They are still selling their full range of products.

Pricewise open 9-00am to 6-00pm, contactless payment availableAlso willing to deliver for those self-isolating, payment in cash, on an informal basis.  Orders by text, including name and address, to Saj on 0797 288913.  Thanks, Saj!

Rutland Stores, open but, due to their personal circumstances, can't offer deliveries at the moment but continue to have good stocks of fresh fruit and veg (inside the shop) and some groceries and drinks.

The Good Weigh - As of 24 April 2020, open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10-3 pm, accepting people one at a time with clean containers, no self-service.  Contactless Card payment only.  Best check their Facebook page -  Handy gazebo for the queue when it is raining (remember to maintain 2m separation).  
Will deliver to those self isolating - contact [email protected] or see website for order form & the order process, including how to handle containers -   Well done, Kate!

N and S Stores / Jim's / Raj's / Lifestyle Stores - Now staying open, yay, thanks, Raj. Open 9-1 & 4-8 every day, max 4 in the shop. Contactless payment available.  Free delivery to locals who are self isolating or housebound.  More Beer!  Raj is now offering a greater range of beer, including from Blue Monkey and Magpie breweries, plus promised polypins from our own local Lazy Day brewery.

The Coop (local branch) has reduced hours and is limited to 5 customers in the shop at any one time, but otherwise is operating normally (back to 7 days a week from 25 May).  Contactless payment available.  Manager has confirmed that children ARE allowed in the shop.

Snail and Rabbit sell tea, remember?!   Online order only, delivery in Lady Bay.  Website:, email address : [email protected].

Hurley's Dog grooming are open for appointments -

The Vape Store (Cloud 57) are closed but doing deliveries - email [email protected] or call 0115 9244437.

Chillis and Cheff takeaways remain open and are covered below under Deliveries and Collect - Meals.

Howards' Garage reopening from 25th May - check at or call 01159822745.  I have heard advice that, if we aren't using our cars now, it might help to start them up for a few minutes once a week (to keep the battery charged), and release the handbrake.

The Bike Shop (Radcliffe Road Cycles) on Radcliffe Road, opposite Rutland Road, is open.

Green's mill are still selling their flour - you just need to watch out for when the wind blows, then order online - see Facebook page -

Two taxi firms are offering to collect orders for people who can't get out.
Yellow Cars in West Bridgford have offered to pick up prescriptions and pre-paid shopping orders and deliver free of charge to people who are self-isolating or vulnerable. Contact Yellow Cars on 0115 981 8181.
Ace Cars based in West Bridgford are offering to help with delivery services in the local community for those impacted by COVID-19. Specialist vehicles for wheel chair or adapted facilities are available if required. Call on 0115 9145 555.

CLOSURES - the (really) bad news, covering all local services

The Poppy and Pint is closed, including delivery and take-out due to the government advice.  They hope to resume when conditions allow. Call 0115 981 9995, Website (including menus) at but latest news on Facebook -

The Lady Bay pub are closed but the defibrulator is still accessible via a code, obtainable from the ambulance service or from the pub itself.  They are interested in any ideas in which the pub could be used as a resource for the community.  Web page at, latest news on Facebook -

Lady Bay Chip Shop and Bread & Butterflies now closed.

No. 41 - are closed temporarily from 22 March and can't offer to deliver food or drink.  However they are working on ideas for one-off deliveries and have proven that 'contactless' payments work through their window glass.  Also bear in mind that they do stock soap and hand wash.  Check their Facebook page on or website -

Cuzina (certainly) and Yumacha (hopefully soon), both restarting online. - Cuzina website - and Yumacha on Facebook -  Yumacha are now surveying people to see if it is worth repoening a take-away and delivery service.
BUT Eva's Grilll has reopened for delivery and collect and others such as La Storia - see 'Further Afield' section below for contact details.

Whites, Marie Hall, JJ (Tunisian) Barbers are closed and Meraaki looked pretty quiet but no notice on window. 
The Vape Store (Cloud 57) are closed but doing deliveries - email [email protected] or call 0115 9244437.

Deliveries of shopping - Food etc. from outside Lady Bay

(For non-food (OK, and non-beer) supplies, see above for Lady Bay and Steve's bicycle tours, at the end of this page, for further afield.)

The Fruit Basket (in Gordon Road) are offering a delivery service covering the whole of West Bridgford, so that includes us. They are also taking some supplies from No. 8.  Email at [email protected] for an order form or you can find one on their website - (but you'll need a spreadsheet).  Alternatively call on 0115 9817014 to enquire - Facebook page -
Another facebook post says that Harringtons Fine Foods (in Edwalton) will deliver to Lady Bay - untested but here's their Facebook page - and phone no. 0115 923 2256.  Let me know if this works.

The Larwood and Voce pub is offering fresh food deliveries on selected days. which are Wednesdays 4-7 and Fridays 4-7.  Orders can also be placed on Saturdays but no delivery that day.  These are for essential items like milk,bread,eggs potatoes and anything else they can help cater to.  They also offer cooked meals - see entry under Meals below.

Laithwaites (wine merchants) are still delivering but orders only taken online or by phone.  Opening hours Monday - Friday 10-5, [email protected], tel: 01115 9810888.

Harrington's Fine Foods - (In the small Edwalton shopping precinct) - open and also doing delivery - meat, deli items and more -

Brumptons Butchers (Melton Road)- can deliver, with priority for those self-isolating and the elderly and vulnerable.  They also stock bread and other products, see website for full range -

Cook - prepared meals are still operating 7 days a week, reduced hours and 1 customer at a time. Same-day click and collect and also delivering for NHS and the vulnerable only, but delivery slots booked up at the moment.  Discount for NHS staff.

Cote - are offering a delivery service of chilled, ready to cook meals -

Okende - Cafe closed but now offering delivery of a surprisingly wide range of items, including coffee of course but also milk, oat milk, cheese, eggs and even veg and fruit.  Menu available on Facebook,  email [email protected] or call 07720650085 / 07833618772.

Slades Florist/Greengrocers - Offering order and collect via email - [email protected].  Website

Deliveries from outside West Bridgford

A list of Vegan food suppliers still open can be obtained here, courtesy of our local nutrition coach Susan Hart.
Anthony's Fruit and Veg
, are reported by Nottingham Post as delivering in our area.  "At present only family fruit and veg boxes are available. The boxes always include bananas and potatoes - if there's anything you particularly dislike, mention it when ordering."  Go to
The Larder Tree are one of a number of wholesalers now turning to home delivery and are based in the Market area, behind the Lady Bay Retail park.  They offer weekly deliveries of boxes of fruit and veg, costing £25 as at 1/4/2020 - see
One Planet Pizza deliver vegan frozen pizzas -
Kerry's Fresh deliver vegetables to our area every Saturday, although their website also says that orders will take 7-10 working days during the current situation -  Based in Cotgrave, they often post latest updates on Lady Bay Local too.
Price and Fretwell are butchers based in Alfreton but they deliver throughout Nottingham, including our area, and can supply eggs and other dairy as well as meat.  They mainly sell hampers of meat, as announced on their Facebook page -  Call 01773 591 212 to place an order. Free next day delivery for orders placed before 5pm. "Any orders places after 5pm are placed on our answerphone service".

and of course there's Morrisons, Asda, Aldi and Sainsburys (if you are already registered online - 21/3/2020).  The Co-op and M&S have started home food deliveries to our area via Deliveroo, albeit based on stock in Nottingham stores, not West Bridgford.  Delivery or click and collect slots are generally hard to come by at the moment (26/3/2020 and, a month later, even harder).
For links to supermarket websites, see entry under Headlines above.

Local Real Ale

Jim's/Raj's/N&S Stores has a wide range, as already reported above.
Black Iris Brewery - Sales occasionally via the Bakehouse (Sherwood) and usual shops (sometimes in Jim's).  Also available for delivery, including 5L polypins, via Kraft-werks -  Order by Thursday, delivery Friday or the weekend.
Blue Monkey Brewery - Sales at Jim's (did I mention that already?) and can accept orders via email or phone, delivery charge £3.95, min order £30.  No price list on their website at the moment -  Alternatively available online from The Real Ale Store (inc minikegs) and Adventure Beer.
Castle Rock - Available at Jim's and also offering order online and drive-through collect from the brewery, including polypins -
Magpie Brewery - on sale at Jim's in bottles (bottle-conditioned) and also offering minikegs for delivery, including beer from Flipside Brewery -
Nottingham Brewery - offering delivery of 17.5 and 31 pint polypins plus bottles -
Shipstones Brewery - offering minikegs and bottles, free delivery for orders above £35 -
Totally Brewed Brewery - Online order and delivery available, thank goodness -
Trent Navigation Brewery -  Online orders now set-up - see
Hopology (Melton Road) - have reopened - see Steve's bicycle tours at the end.

Deliveries & Collect- Meals

Feeding Nottingham, working with Cheff and The Body Project and liaising with the Community Helpers, is now set up and ready to help get some free meals to the elderly / vulnerable in isolation in South Nottingham.  But they need support - see their Faceboook post - or this video.  If you know of someone who might benefit from this, contact details are [email protected] or call hetvi Parekh on 07581422396.

Cheff - cooked meals, now delivery or order and collect only, currently 30% off online orders.  See their website for more details  They are also now offering a frozen meal prep service - frozen meals that they say will last 3 months in the freezer.  More info here -  Also doing marvellous job providing food to vulnerable people as part of Feeding Nottingham.

Chillis - still open as usual 4.30-11pm, but encouraging online orders hence contactless payment.  Collect available but delivery preferred (now contactless), 1 person maximum waiting in the shop.  You can order and pay via website .  Latest news on Facebook -, also on Instagram.

Lady Bay Fish and Chips. - Reopened, call-in customers only -  George's Tradition fish and chip shop on Melton Road is still open on a click and collect basis only and The Rectory Fish Bar is also open and doing deliveries.  See Steve's Bicycle Tours at the end for details.

Eva's Grill back on line - This is what they said around the end of March "We would like to thank everyone for their continuous support during this difficult time.  You can now order online or via the Evas Grill mobile App and you can have contactless delivery.  We are OPEN for delivery and collect from 5pm-10pm 7 days a week.  Visit:, Download:" (not sure what to or why, the web address seems to work).

Cuzina have re-started online ordering, click and collect basis - Starting with Thursday 4-8pm, Friday 4-8pm and Saturday 4-8pm.  Look out for the Order Online button on the top left-hand corner of their website -

Larwood and Voce are offering ready meals that are up on their website. These meals are made on-site, chilled & tubed up with a shelf life of 3 days or to put in your freezer.  On Sundays they are also offering hot takeaway roasts all £10 each to collect or ring early (0115 981 9960) to get a delivery slot.  Website:, click on Corvid-19 Customer Notice option, top left, which also has a link to their Facebook page - as of 27 March 2020.  See also 'Further Afield' section below for La Storia and maybe others.

Pop up cafes
Virender's Lady Bay pop up cafe now doing curry dinner deliveries every other Friday night in Lady Bay and West Bridgford, knock and drop delivery. The menu appears on the event link. Customers can pay in advance by bacs. (
Fallafel Baffle ( can also deliver. 
There is also the Pizza van ( and now Homeboys are coming here ( but currently you have to go to their van to collect.

We assume everyone has their favourite takeaway further afield, so we do not attempt to list them all here, but a few of the more local ones get a mention in Steve's Bicycle Tours at the end.

further afield, aka steve's bicycle tours

A few more services, just outside Lady Bay, are still operating.  Steve's bicycle tours cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided: he is supposed to be exercising after all, not hoovering up information for you lot.

Radcliffe Road

  • The Bike Shop (Radcliffe Road Cycles) on Radcliffe Road, opposite Rutland Road, is open.
  • Bombay Bridgford - report they are open for deliveries and collections.  Order online - Pay online - contactless deliveries.
  • Dominos Pizza are still operating deliveries and Delhi Nights and Spice say they are too.
  • Eva's Grill and Cuzina now both open online - see Deliveries & Collect - Meals above
  • Radcliffe Road Stores are open
  • Laithwaites are still delivering but orders only taken online or by phone.  Opening hours Monday - Friday 10-5, [email protected], tel: 01115 9810888.
  • The Fireplace Centre still have lots of logs, heat logs, kindling & firelighters available for contactless delivery.   Free delivery, no minimum order for Lady Bay, West Bridgford, Gamston & Edwalton.   Facebook page -
  • David Drew garage is now looking pretty open (13 May 2020) - worth checking with them.

Abbey Road and beyond

  • Rutherfords butcher's - Now closed for good, due to retirement.
  • Harrington's Fine Foods - (In the small Edwalton shopping precinct) - open and also doing delivery - meat, deli items and more - as reported above.

Musters Road

Gordon Road

  • Cook - prepared meals are still operating 7 days a week, reduced hours and 1 customer at a time. Same-day click and collect and also delivering for NHS and the vulnerable only, but delivery slots booked up at the moment.  Discount for NHS staff.
  • Okende - closed but now offering delivery of a surprisingly wide range of items, including coffee of course but also milk, oat milk, cheese, eggs and even veg and fruit.  Menu available on Facebook,  email [email protected] or call 07720650085 / 07833618772.
  • Fruit Basket - Open for customers and delivering, as reported in detail above.  Working with No. 8 too.
  • Big Bamboo - report they are re-opening at the end of April and it looks like they have.
  • Ghandi - open for delivery or collect via JustEat.  Possibly also Bridgford Chip Shop.
  • John's Opticians - open for appointments only - see

Tudor Square/Central Avenue area

  • Chemist on Tudor Square/Davies Road is open, same restrictions as Lady Bay Pharmacy (same chain)
  • Boots, M&S and Iceland - open, limits to customers at any one time.  Boots are open for all sales although, reportedly, their staffing focus is on the pharmacy.  M&S are only using their car-park entrance.  Iceland's first hour is for elderly and vulnerable only and last hour is for NHS only.
  • Specsavers - open for urgent requirements only, no routine sight tests, closed Thursday and Friday.
    Forgot to check Vision Express but, according to their website, West Bridgford branch is an 'emergency store', open 10am-5pm, Tues-Sat, again no routine tests.  Boots opticians closed.
  • Health Shop - open, restricted hours
  • Newsagents - open, limited hours
  • Greggs - open
  • Carluccios - closed but says something about ordering online - not investigated
  • Co-op - open, don't know what restrictions
  • Banks - Barclays closed, most others open reduced hours
  • Rectory Fish Bar - Shop hours are 11:30 to 2pm & 4:30pm to 10pm, Monday to Saturday. Delivery to Lady Bay for orders over £10 costs £1.50.
  • The Bicycle Workshop, Exchange Road - Report on Facebook that they are "open as usual, albeit shorter working hours. As we are open we can't and wont get any financial income support over and above our premises based grant which will hopefully cover the rent. Your support therefore is welcome. We are offering zero contact based collections and allowing drop ins at the shop.  One person in the shop at anytime, keep at least 2m distance from me (so 1m away from the shop counter) and use the hand sanitizer before leaving. Pretty simple stuff."

Melton Road - Several shops are open and well-stocked, including:-

Across the river - After today's experience, Steve's bicycle tours do not recommend cyclists use Lady Bay Bridge, either on the road or the footway.  If they build that new cycle bridge, it had better be a darned sight wider than 2 metres.

  • Lady Bay Retail Park - B&M Bargains and The Range are open with restricted numbers.  The 'In'nOut Autocentre is also open.
  • Cattle Market - The Silly Sausage cafe is closed - yes, i know!
  • Wickes and B&Q are now open for click and collect online orders only.

And finally - LeftLion Magazine have produced an excellent review of independent businesses trying to stay open and/or survive, in one form or another, during the current Covid-19 situation.  Click here -