Rushcliffe blue bins - What's allowed and what's not

Covid-19 situation - Refuse collection resources increased - announcement by Rushcliffe Council see here for latest bulletins -
A recent Facebook post warns that we should handle our bins with gloves or wash hands both before putting our bins out and after collection.  Anecdotal but makes sense, since the collectors touch so many in a day. Protects us and them.  As per the NHS round of applause, perhaps 'bin day' is a good opportunity to show our appreciation for the refuse collectors too.

This is our current understanding - let us know of any inaccuracies or changes

Clean paper & card are allowed, including

  • paper/card wrappers from around cans or yoghurt pot packaging
  • window envelopes
  • egg boxes (but consider reuse or composting as well)
  • books (remove covers and spine from hard back)


  • No shredded paper as it clogs the machinery at the recycling facility, including when put inside cereal boxes.  Useful in a wormery though, see our Green Bin page.  Or turn it into briquets for a chimenea or wood-burner.
  • No foil/glittery wrapping paper. Post office stocks brown paper and cardboard labels, which are recyclable.
  • No crisp packets or confectionery wrappers.  Local drop-off site for crisps, soon, we hope for confectionery.
  • No take-away pizza boxes - too contaminated with food to be recycled, but theoretically they can be composted, as per shredded paper.
  • Not, we suspect, paper tissues.  To be checked.
  • Remove non-recyclable plastic lining from cereal boxes.

Plastic bottles & containers are allowed


  • Not plastic bottle tops, nor trigger mechanisms.
  • Items like plastic coat hangers are not collected as the plastic is too hard &/or too low grade. This type of plastic turns into a thick goo.
  • Not flimsy yoghurt pots where 2,4, or 6 are sold joined together, they can’t be recycled.
  • Food trays are too low-grade plastic and not just the black ones. 

Steel & aluminium cans, including aerosol cans are allowed

  • Remove plastic lids and aerosol nozzles – more research needed on this.
  • Rinse cans, don’t risk cutting yourself; a small amount of residue in an aluminium or steel can is not a problem. Mouldy food left inside is.


  • not Aluminium food trays or foil - do not contain enough aluminium to be recycled & are also often contaminated with food.

Batteries – but in the special bag, on top of blue or black bin

  • They don't always give you a replacement bag automatically