Rushcliffe blue bins - What's allowed and what's not

Detailed listing below, plus two useful links here

This is our current understanding - let us know of any inaccuracies or changes - list updated May 2022

Clean paper & card are allowed, including:-

  • paper/card wrappers from around cans or yoghurt pot cardboard packaging
  • cardboard tubes from loo paper and kitchen towel rolls
  • window envelopes
  • egg boxes (but consider reuse or composting as well)
  • books & catalogues (remove covers and spine from hard back)


  • No shredded or tissue paper, paper towels or handkerchiefs, as it clogs the machinery at the recycling facility.  No, shredded paper can't go inside cereal boxes - useful in a wormery though, see our Green Bin page.  Or turn it into briquets for a chimenea or wood-burner.
  • No foil/glittery wrapping paper. Post office stocks brown paper and cardboard labels, which are recyclable.
  • No crisp packets or confectionery wrappers.  Co-op now accept these items in their recycling bin.
  • No take-away pizza boxes - too contaminated with food to be recycled, but theoretically they can be composted, as per shredded paper.
  • Remove non-recyclable plastic lining from cereal boxes.  The lining should however be accepted at the Co-op recycling point.

Plastic bottles & containers are allowed, including their plastic lids or caps, although we have also have drop-off points for the caps which earn money for charities.  This now includes all yoghurt pots but remove any paper labels.


  • Not trigger mechanisms (try to refill and reuse?).
  • Not plastic bags - now accepted at the local Coop and other supermarkets
  • Items like plastic coat hangers are not collected as the plastic is too hard &/or too low grade. This type of plastic turns into a thick goo.
  • Not Food trays, which are often low-grade plastic (and not just the black ones). 

Steel & aluminium cans, including aerosol cans, are allowed:-

  • Remove plastic lids and aerosol nozzles – IF they can be removed safely.  Veolia advise us to never try to force a lid off a spray can as they are under pressure.
  • Rinse cans, don’t risk cutting yourself; a small amount of residue in an aluminium or steel can is not a problem. Mouldy food left inside is.


  • not Aluminium food trays or foil - do not contain enough aluminium to be recycled & are also often contaminated with food.

Batteries – but in the special bag, on top of blue or black bin

  • They don't always give you a replacement bag automatically