Reduce, reuse and recycle

Green bin

Blue Bin

Recycling centres

These pages promote local initiatives to reduce waste and to encourage reduction in consumption, reuse or repurposing of existing items and, as a last resort,  recycling.  Volunteers in Lady Bay have established a network of local 'drop-off' points, based at people's homes, to handle various small-scale items that, on an individual basis, we struggle to dispose of ourselves.

If you want to know more about the what and why of all this, click here, otherwise our local initiatives regarding Reduce, Reuse and Recycle can be accessed as follows:-

You can also access official information on the major recycling sources above - what goes in the Blue and Green bins (and what doesn't), plus the Recycling centres and 'Bring sites'.  Also have a look at this useful knowledgebase on recycling, sponsored by the Government -  You can search for sites by post-code and type of item.  Got a skip to deal with?  Look for ideas of how to reduce waste in skips on this Facebook page.