about FIELDS - History

FIELDS stands for "Fight It, Especially the Land Development Scheme".

FIELDS is a local action group committed to protecting the countryside East of Lady Bay.  It has fought several successful campaigns, primarily against the proposed fourth Trent Crossing at Holme Pierrepont (going as far back as 1976).

FIELDS is a sub-committee of the Lady Bay Community Association and historically drew funds from the Lady Bay Open Gardens annual event to raise vital money for the FIELDS campaign that enabled the Committee Members to keep you informed of concerns and campaign for the conservation of our green belt.

Here is a short article about the History of Fields.

Please note that other proposals may involve community campaigning but these will be handled through the Community Association directly.  They include:-

  • Campaign to maintain footpath access to the fields to the East of the Hook.
  • Proposal to construct a pedestrian and cycle bridge across the Trent near the Hook