Headlines - but first.... Covid-19 iNformation and links

For more general information on Covid-19 from the government, NHS and other official bodies, including the councils and public transport,
see the top of our 'Links - Help and Information' page.  This includes a link to Ruschcliffe Council's Community Support Hub,  :-

Our Covid-19-specific listings now appear on a separate page, under our Local Businesses section.  This includes information on Shopping Locally including Deliveries, Shopping Deliveries from further afield, Take-aways and meals delivered, and, at the end, Services available in the rest of West Bridgford (AKA Steve's Bicycle Tours).

This page now focuses on latest information but still includes, at the end, the Local Initiatives to help during Covid-19.


Want to plant a tree?  Council sponsored scheme operating at the moment.  More details here.  Crab apples or hazels available, only a few days to go, though.

New briefing on the Covid-19 situation in Rushcliffe.

Latest Councillors' Connection briefing 10th September 2020.

Planning application for conversion of 34-36 Holme Road to two Houses of Multiple Occupancy - https://planningon-line.rushcliffe.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=QF1F9GNLJ5Z00&activeTab=summary.

Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan link and options for giving feedback, until 14 September so now closed.  https://gnplan.inconsult.uk/consult.ti/gnspgo/consultationHome.

Charity Clothing collection for Lady Bay School (part of the Safari Sale, which is on 20th September) - Collections between 21st September and 7th October, see attachment for details.

Rugby Road Recycling Centre introduced booking from 1st September - https://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/waste-and-recycling/recycling-centres/book-a-slot-to-visit-west-bridgford-recycling-centre

Latest Councillors' Connection briefing.

Links to various sources of Covid-19 data added to our Links and Helpful Information page.

Lady Bay pub reopened 27th July - booking and other info on their website https://www.greeneking-pubs.co.uk/pubs/nottinghamshire/lady-bay/.

Planning application to replace 2 bungalows on Trent Boulevard with 4 detached housesDeadline for comments extended to August.  Material supplied by our Borough Councillors.

Latest Councillors' Connection, including improvements to queueing for the recycling centre and invitation to comment on Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan

Anti-social behaviour on the Fields.  Dialogue with local police here.

Post Office open longer hours and on Saturday mornings.

New edition of Councillors' Connection, including fields and canal.

Poppy and Pint reopening 4th July - Table booking via their website enquiry form (scroll down for the form) or on this website https://www.designmynight.com/nottingham/pubs/poppy-and-pint.  Note these terms and conditions for booking and going to the all Castle Rock pubs that are open - https://www.castlerockbrewery.co.uk/booking-terms-and-conditions/.  Table service, with App to place orders accessed via a code on their menu.
Lady Bay - sadly not yet.

No.41 and Bread and Butterflies now open.

Lady Bay Festival at Home took place successfully - £855 raised so far (@17 June) for Nottingham University Hospitals Charity; their donation page can be found here - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lady-bay-festival

Updated report on the County Council now available from our Councy Councillor, Liz Plant.  Click here to read.  Reports from our Borough and County Councillors and their contact details are on our Political Representation page., along with links to the websites of our MP and Police Commissioner. Council Briefings on various Covid-19 subjects can now be found on our LInks - Help and Information page, quite near the top under COUNCILS AND MORE LOCAL INFORMATION.

The Community Helpers (described below) are appealing for letters and gifts to give emotional support to the residents of various care homes in the area, including Skylarks.  Skylarks has approaching 50 residents and 100 staff, so they’re looking for letters for the residents and gifts for the staff to say thank you for all they are doing. If you are able to contribute by writing to a resident or providing small gifts for the staff, e.g. hand cream, chocolates etc. then please message Lorna Patrick at [email protected]. We have drop off points in Lady Bay (Laila, Mona Road) and further afield in WB.

No. 11 Bus is back!  Rest of the world no longer cut off from Lady Bay.  Starting 31st May.

Hot off the press - 100 Walks from the Poppy and Pint (100 is a bit aspirational, there are only 43 so far).  Thanks to Trevor Riddiough of Ramblers Walking Holidays and member of Lady Bay Birdwatchers for this.

Several coffee shops/restaurants in the avenue now open for take away. Farmers market also back, twice a month.

Lady Bay Chip Shop open! - from Monday 18th May!

LeftLion Magazine have produced an excellent review of independent businesses trying to stay open, in one form or another , during the current Covid-19 situation.  Click here - https://www.leftlion.co.uk/read/2020/april/support-local-nottingham-shops-food-culture-literature-music/.

Lady Bay Pharmacy have posted an important message re Covid-19 - "Due to Corona Virus Please DO NOT come into the pharmacy if you have any of the following symptoms:  - FEVER   - DRY COUGH   - ANY COLD/FLU SYMPTOMS.  Please call the pharmacy for advice or send a friend or neighbour to the pharmacy.  Telephone  0115 945 5412."  Opening hours under Local Shops and Services, below.
On a related subject, here is a plea from the heart from a GP receptionist in North Nottingham, known personally by Steve.  She didn't write it but endorses every word.

West Bridgford Community Helpers are now well established and doing great work - see Local Initiatives below for more details.  A member of the West Bridgford Community Helpers has produced this list of many of the services available, specifically relating to Staying at Home during Covid-19 situation.

County council's 'Community Support Hub' for local support, especially for people in the 'vulnerable' category and for volunteers, based on a short online questionnaire - https://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/care/coronavirus/nottinghamshire-coronavirus-community-support-hub.  It includes a call-back service for 1-1 discussion on individual needs.

Recycling - Rugby Road Centre reopening Monday 1st June.  See Links and Information or our Recycling Centres page for more information on recycling and waste disposal facilities.  Most of our drop-off recycling points are closed but see our page for those still collecting.  Refuse collection operating as normal.

"Councillors' Connection" Briefings now on the Links -Help and Information page.

The Councillors' Community Support grant Scheme has been amended as a result of Covid19 and the massive challenge this has presented to the local community. This year’s allowance can be drawn down to help communities support the vulnerable and ensure people have what they need during these unprecedented times. Contact Sue and Richard Mallender, Lady Bay ward borough councillors, to discuss if you are a group or individual providing for others in need or you are in need yourself, and would like some funding.  Contact details via our Potitical Representation page.

Defibrilator - The Lady Bay pub want to remind everyone that it has a defibrillator which can be accessed via a code. The code can be obtained from the Ambulance Service or from the Lady Bay pub, tel 07980920295.

Eva's Grill is back online - again -  Delivery and collect from 5pm-10pm 7 days a week. 
Cuzina back online too.
Details on both under Deliver and Collect - meals - below.

Larwood and Voce delivering food on selected days, ready meals and Sunday roasts - see below under 'Delivery and Order/Collect - Food'. 

Jim's / Raj/s etc staying open
Rutherfords butchers now closed for good but details of two more butchers in West Bridgford, who can do deliveries, have been added.  More detail below under Shopping.

Shopping in general - no way we can keep up with this subject, but we have a go - see below for local shops still operating and shops and takeaways who deliver.  A number of wholesalers have now switched to home deliveries - some are listed below under Deliveries Of Shopping.  The large supermarkets are reserving certain times and days for those at risk and/or for support workers (health, police etc).  Therefore best to check their websites before heading out for that once-a-week shop.
Asda          Co-op (National)     Aldi        Iceland       Morrisons        M&S         Sainsburys

Real Ale! - How did it take me so long?  New section at the end of Deliveries of Shopping, focussed on local breweries of course.
Want flour? - Green's mill are still selling their flour - you just need to watch out for when the wind blows, then order online - see Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/greenswindmill/

LOcal INitiatives

West Bridgford Community Helpers - A 'buddy system' initiative to pair volunteers with lonely and vulnerable people needing support during self-isolation.  Called Community Helpers, they have a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/842219359579252/ and an email address [email protected].

West Bridgford Wire's Corona Virus page, with lots of useful local information.  https://westbridgfordwire.com/covid19-community-support/.

Council Community Hub - just set up as of 14 April 2020, see above.

Some organisations are offering to supply food for people having to self-isolate.  These include the Feeding Nottingham initiative below and Guru Nanak's Mission - https://www.facebook.com/GuruNanaksMissionNottm/.  Food banks are still operating and need donations more than ever.