Lady Bay Drop-off sites

Drop-off points in Lady Bay or nearby

Each person below has established a means of collecting and recycling the items shown, often using Terracycle or Ellie's Fund.  Organisations like these require a minimum volume to process, so the drop-in centres are the best way of collecting that volume in a reasonable timescale.  More volunteers always welcome - see our targets at the end.

Anne's - 52 Holme Road, bin in front garden

Pens - any brand of pen, felt tip, highlighter, marker, correction fluid pot, correction tape, but not wooden pencils or crayons. Accepted waste by Terracycle.

Confectionary wrappers - all plastic chocolate and sweet pouches, bags, bar and block wrappers and multipack outer packaging.

Suspended for the duration, storing recyclable items in the meantime.

Lady Bay Pharmacy

Medicines and inhalers - it is standard practice for all pharmacies to accept unused medicines and used inhalers.

Temporarily, we hope, suspended collection of medicine blister packs.

Louisa's - 22 Magpie Close Cotgrave Nottingham NG12 3TX

Bread bags (Hovis etc.), sweet wrappers and popcorn packaging.  Louisa also collects Tree's Pringles tins and (clean and dry) petfood bags (large and small), including Susan's.  Sent to Terracycle.

Not in Lady Bay but Louisa comes here every week and collects from Tree's depot.

Katherine's - 7 Abbey Circus, West Bridgford, NG2 5LY

Cheese packaging so long as it's the flexible sort - clean, dry and, preferably, flat please.

Also accepts crisp packets and plastic bottle tops.  Items go to Terracycle.

Contact - Katherine Rooke  at [email protected]

Maureen's - 164 Trent Boulevard

Wool (Please call in advance) Dementia sufferers and blankets for Homeless)

Stamps (through letter box, please leave small border around stamp), BCRT (Bone Cancer Research Trust).

Still accepting items for now.

Contact - [email protected] or 0115 9149481

MooHaven - Adbolton Lane

Crisp packets and clothing (including shoes and bags) for collection or drop-off.

Collection - Please bag separately and place at the end of your drive on the first and third Mondays of the month (commencing 15th feb at noon), let us know and we'll collect them for recycling...all funds raised go towards our rescue and rehabilitation centre. Drop off - Alternatively feel free to drop them off outside our car park gate!

tel 0781 202 8851 or email [email protected].

Susan's - 134, Radcliffe Road, plastic box in the porch

Wet food pet pouches, washed and cleaned, plus large dry petfood sacks.

And now, also, dog foil pouches, treats bags and large plastic dog food bags.

  Taken regularly to Louisa's depot in Radcliffe.

Still operating for the time being - September 2020.

Susana's - 9 Chatsworth rd.

Plastic bottle tops.

Container (plant pot) on top of blue recycling bin under the car port. It may be moved somewhere safer if it gets windy.

Tree's recycling depot - 33 Julian Road, down the side of the house

Opens periodically, announced on Facebook.

Pringles tubes, contact lenses (single use) and toothpaste tubes/toothbrushes (inc. electric heads) and other dental paraphernalia, Burt’s Bees Towelettes & Zuru balloons, Finish etc dishwasher outer packaging (RB Hygeine sachets).  Proceeds go to Cancer Research.

Pet food pouches (clean) and bread bags (working together with other drop-off points).

Crisp packets only in large volume (2Kg) and mailed directly - contact Tree for details of how to send them.  Why not build up a boxful with your neighbours?

Otherwise closed while Covid-19 restrictions in place but some things can be recycled if in high enough volume -  see the depot's Facebook page

Dove Cottage Hospice Shop

Plastic bottle tops and used printer cartridges, foreign coins and notes, used stamps. Leave in the container (opening hours only, Mon-Sat but best check first if in doubt) at:-

The Old Telephone Exchange, Main Road, Cotgrave, Nottingham NG12 3HQ.   Served by the Cotgrave Connection bus, with stops on Radcliffe Road.

Contact - [email protected],          or tel:  0115 837 2628



Collects Lavazza coffee pods and Ferrero Rocher Boxes (for details, please see the Terracycle website). The Terracycle points go to Stonebridge Farm in Nottingham.

Leave items behind the blue/black bins.  Address is a bit of a trek - 

32 Eton Road, West Bridgford, NG2 7AR.


Nikki's - Radcliffe on Trent

Dishwasher tablet packaging, biscuit paper wrappers, Burt's Bees packaging and baby food pouches.

Also Plastic lids, metal lids and silver foil (scrunched up) - all in separate bins please. just inside the gate.

Items go to Terracycle or Dove Hospice

55, Cropwell Road
Radcliffe on Trent

OUr target items We know we can recycle these if someone volunteers to collect and deliver them

Ellie's fund will accept:-

Beauty and personal care packaging

Weleda beauty packaging

Disposable gloves

Water filters

Baby food pouches

Plastic ring carriers

Plastic biscuit, cracker and cake wrappers

Confectionery wrappers

Air, home care and cleaning packaging

Tassimo Pods (@ John Stephens)

Organisations outside our network who accept items for recycling

Electrical retailers - Electrical devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, no purchase required but must be similar to items they sell.  Ensure data is removed first although they do say they’ll remove all data themselves.  Currys also accept fridges etc but may charge collection fee.

Curry’s/PC World, Carphone Warehouse and other major electrical retailers


 Morrisons get a special mention because they have set up recycling for a lot of tricky items, including polythene wrapping.


Radcliffe on Trent playgroup/preschool - a terracycle point collecting Ella’s kitchen pouches and snack packets.  

Radcliffe on Trent playgroup/preschool


Dove Cottage Hospice – foreign coins, ink cartridges, plastic milk bottle tops, used stamps. See full entry above.

Dove Cottage Hospice

Stathern (South of Bingham)

Major retailers - varous items including Printer cartridges (Co-op in the Avenue), Brita filters (Argos, Queen's Drive).

Co-op, Sainsburies

See individual items list


British Heart Foundation

Angel Row, Nottingham and others

Crisp packet collection point at the entrance.

rushcliffe arena

Rugby Road, West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7HY

Furniture (preferably 'retro') and memorabilia - free collection service

Sue Ryder

30-32 Goosegate - tel  0115 958 258 or email [email protected]

businesses supporting reuse or recycling

In Lady Bay

The Good Weigh – Lots of products based on zero or re-used packaging, including cleaning products and foodstuffs. See the full range on their website ­

Pricewise and Rutland Stores – no packaging on most fruit and veg

Post Office – screws sold loose, refills for common cleaning products (in concentrate form)

Lady Bay Pub - not only recyle all their bottles and food but also participate in Greene King's compostable straw scheme.  Many 'compostable' items are only compostable on an industrial scale, not in our compost bins, but Greene King undertake to recompost all their straws.


Brands designed for recycling or reuse

Zuru Balloons - all components are claimed to be recyclable or reusable, working with Terracycle.

Burts Bees skincare and cosmetic products - packaging designed for recycling with Terracycle, including towelettes!