Historical Maps of Lady Bay

When did houses start to appear in Lady Bay?


Sanderson's map of the Hook, 1835, shows (bottom right-hand corner) that, in those days, this was all fields!  In fact it looks like Lady Bay is almost as big, now, as Nottingham was then.

The second map shows a wider perspective, including the old course of the Trent.  We can all speculate exactly where Burrows Hill farm used to be.  Pity we are on the 'join' of two map sheets but isn't it always the way?






  • Map of Lady Bay 1835
  • Lady Bay Area Ordnance Survey Map 19th Century
    • Lady Bay early 20th Century
    • Lady Bay Ordnance Survey map 1945

    20th Century

    In the early part of the 20th century, Lady Bay is a work in progress but already quite a transformation.  That swing bridge looks a good idea, if we ever want to reopen the canal.

    By 1945 (second map) it is almost complete.  Just the end of Mona Road to go.











    This link takes you to a site containing a large number of historical maps of our and indeed any UK area, going back to the early 19th Century.  Curiously it is curated by the National Library of Scotland.  Zoom and enjoy!