Lady Bay Community Fund

The Lady Bay Community Fund (LBCF) offers grants to local groups & individuals for projects & purchases which will benefit Lady Bay residents. 

Funds are generated by Lady Bay Open Gardens.  The next Lady Bay Open Gardens (LBOG) is scheduled for 22nd & 23rd June 2024.

The constitution of the LBCF can be downloaded hereWe also show below the latest appeal for applications, including contact details and forms, and the results from the last few rounds of applications, to show the sorts of things the fund can support.

Latest round of applications open until 31st March 2024

Lady Bay Community Fund grants are listed below.  Applications are now invited from the 1st to the 31st of March 2024.

The application form can be downloaded by clicking here.  However, please note that only paper applications are accepted.

Guidance on filling in the form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Application forms are also available from Maureen at 164 Trent Boulevard or by email from [email protected]

Click here to download the full poster (from March 2023)


October 2023
1. Lady Bay Preschool.  £400 for a Theatre performance.
2. Jane Ibbett. Trustee.  £200 for the care of Hedgehogs in Lady Bay.  
3. Richard Coffey-Glover.   £160 for a New Music Group in Lady Bay.
4. Victoria Branch. £30 for Lady Bay Planter upkeep.
5. Benjamin Goodeve. (Co-ordinates Lady Bay Planters).  £30 for Planter. 
6. Maureen Mitchell. Trustee. £30 for Planter, due to damage caused to Box plants by the Box Caterpillar.
7. Geraldine Rennie. Trustee. £50 for the creation of a Community Quilt, to be displayed at the Lady Bay Arts Trail 2024.

March 2023
1.  Victoria Branch - Planter £30.
2.  Lady Bay Parent & Toddler Group -  £75 for craft items.

October 2022
1.  £360 from Lady Bay Preschool, for a Theatre production at All Hallows Church Halls, of Goldilocks & the 3 Bears on 19.1.23.
2.  £30 for a Planter from Ben Goodeve, who is in charge of our Lady Bay Planters.
Both approved.

March 2022

  1. Defibrillator to be installed between All Hallows Church and Halls.  Part payment of £100.

October 2021
1.Benjamin Goodeve. Planter.  £30.
2.Fiona Boyd. Therapy Garden @ Adbolton Hall Nursing Home.  Compost & Stabilising Paths. £374.32.
3.Lady Bay Greenies. Water Pump. £150. Checks to be made regarding duplicate application to Councillor Penny Gowland’s fund.
4.Brenda Baxter. Planter. £30.
5.Tori Branch. Planter. £30.

April 2021.

  1. Maureen Mitchell.  Poppy display in Lady Bay project, successful with £60 sent to The British Legion. £100
  2. Adbolton Hall Nursing Home. Gardening items & Games. £152.21.
  3. Lady Bay Parent & Toddler Group. Craft items & Toys. £205.89.
  4. Catherine Todd. Planter. £30.
    All applications were approved £488.10

October 2020

  1. Lady Bay School.    £501.32.  Books.
  2. Planter. Tori Branch. £30. 
  3. Lamppost Poppies ~ withdrawn in favour of a different scheme for Lady Bay Remembrance 2021.
  4. Adbolton Hall Nursing Home. £161.73. Games. Keyboard. Craft items. MP3 Players. 
  5. John Osborne. £75. DVDs of The Heron Cafe sessions. Cafe closed due to C-19.
  6. Planter. Steve & Carolyn Parry. £142.47.  4 Planters have been totally renewed.  Planter walls repaired, topsoil, compost, plants, slate chippings. Minimum maintenance required for several years. 
  7. Pre-school. £350. Theatre performance.  Sadly this was subsequently cancelled and the funds returned.
  8. Sally Chambers. £98.95. Trolley for Lady Bay residents to transport horse manure, in bags, from MooHaven, can be attached to a bike. Stored at MooHaven & booked with Linda. 
    • TOTAL  £1,359,47.