For Sale, Wanted, Or Freebies

Since the advent of Social Media, websites have become less useful as sources of buying and selling 'stuff', so this page is less well populated than it used to be (but see below for 2 exceptions).  A good source of current items wanted, for sale or given away is the 'Lady Bay Local' Facebook Group.  Another is, of course, the Post Office window.

However we do have two books available that, in quite different ways, record aspects of the history of our area - details on each are below.  Do, please, go and buy them.

Victorian Lady Bay

Where can you find riverside fields coupled with varying house styles both ancient and modern ?

Look no further than Lady Bay, that tucked away corner of West Bridgford.

Cut off by The Grantham Canal, Lady Bay has developed piecemeal for the past hundred years or so.

'This has added to its charm says  Sally Lyall Grant  the author of  'Victorian Lady Bay',  an attractively produced booklet about it all.

Who were the people who developed, lived in or conducted business here ?

What was the Mission Church ?  Where was the Board School ?

Why not buy 'Victorian Lady Bay' and spend a day in the village finding out?

'Victorian Lady Bay' retails at £1.99 - a steal!

On Sale at The Post Office on Trent Boulevard, Lady Bay and at West Bridgford library.

Lady Bay, A History of West Bridgford's "Bread and Lard Island

'Volume 1 of 'Lady Bay, a History of West Bridgford's "Bread and Lard Island"', by Robert Breckles, is now on sale at Lady Bay Post Office (and at Central News on the Avenue), for £6.

The 80 A4 pages of this volume, with 40 illustrations, covers the area's environment, development, recreation, organisations, notable politicians, sportsmen and other people, and much else, from pre-history to 1914.'