Lady Bay Planters

There are 51 planters in Lady Bay which really enhance the area and help make it a special place to live.

They are cared for by volunteers who willingly give up their time and energy to care for them for the benefit of us all. There are about 9 planters which do not have someone to care for them.

If you are interested in looking after one, either on your own or with a friend or as an organisation, please get in touch (see below), your help would be very much appreciated. Grants of £30 are available to help, on application to the Community Fund.

Streetwise come and prune overhanging plants about once a year.

Together, we can really make a difference to our environment and help beautify and add something special to our community.

Contact: Ben Goodeve at [email protected] and we also have a Facebook Group -

planters needing a volunteer to care for them

unallocated PLanters volunteers welcome

No 6    Melbourne Road/Trent Boulevard (West)

No 18  Mona Road ( South Mid street)

No 21  Mona Road ( North / west mid street)

No 24  Mona Road( North /east mid street)

No 25   Mona Road /Trent Boulevard (North east)

No 27   Mona Road (southeast mid street)

No 28   Gertrude Road/ Rutland Road (East)

No 29   Gertrude Road South West (south)

No 30   Gertrude Road  South West (north)

No  46  Julian Road/ Trent Boulevard (North east)

No 48   Julian Road/ Rutland Road (East)