FIELDS and schools

Lady Bay school relocation

Proposals have been made to close Lady Bay School and transfer to a new school to be built on fields east of Regatta Way.  FIELDS aims to campaign on this issue and as part of this campaign will consult with parents and the school to ensure all views and alternative proposals are put forward to Nottinghamshire County Council.
See article in West Bridgford Wire - 12th March 21.

An exhibition to demonstrate how refurbishments of existing city schools can be achieved, as an alternative to relocation, will soon be publicised widely in the area.


Examples of this type of refurbishment, as alternative to relocation, have been compiled by Alan Wright into a set of display boards to accompany the Lady Bay School exhibition boards - see next section.

LADY BAY school - alternatives to relocation

Alternative designs for the school on its current site are already emerging

The building with the tower has to be retained as it is grade 2 listed.  But in fact it is already a flexible space and can be adapted accordingly.   The rest of the site could be developed, if necessary with increased capacity, utilising a tiered structure such as that shown here (similar to the Marlborough Primary School example above).  Thanks are due to Alan Wright for his work on these exciting ideas.

And keep a lookout for the Minecraft version, coming soon - if we aren't careful, the kids will design it for us!

Multi-level design
Currrent Site
Available space